Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo lodge, is located in the eastern part of  lake mburo national park and the lodge is well situated on the rock out which is also known as the kopje.

Mihingo lodge has got a strong record of being one of Uganda’s premier accommodation facilities after a long investigation that was carried out on how it treats its clients and also the way they carry with them as they visit this lodge.

Attractions that are found in and around the lodge are quite plentiful and these include game drives, relaxing massage, boat trips on one of the lakes of lake mburo national park and this is still accompanied by over thousands of hippopotamuses that are spotted on the Lake and crocodiles hiding away from the great multitude of people that are coming towards them.

Mihingo lodge has a fabulous swimming pool that will cool your body down from the hot sweat of the day, which is enforced by the clean waters that it has in it. The lodge has a dinning that is on style with food to write about and prepared with all the love from the professional team of chiefs well trained in terms of making your stomach and tongue wonder of what is in its premises.

At Mihingo lodge, it’s simply all about class and luxury in the wilderness. The lodge has also divided some of its services, in that it has also private situated tents that are found in lake kacheera and all these tents are surrounded by a variety of animals like baboons, klipspringer, water bucks, warthogs, eland, antelopes, starlings and also hornbills and these are absolutely fantastic. Now making all this interesting, the lodge has set the standard for luxury tented camps in Uganda, the bar that is found in this place and this bar is just a bit higher than any bar anywhere else in most parts of Uganda.

Recently lake mburo national park has introduced horseback riding safari which can not be done by other Uganda national parks .

The furnishings are all made in style and most of all with a good taste that is different that you have ever tasted. The views are spectacular, but still, each luxury tent is in its own private setting that is totally different from your neighbors because we believe that we all have different needs and wants and hence this private setting system was imposed to all these tents, in these tents you get the feeling that you are all alone but keep this in mind that your safety and well being is foremost on the mind of every staff member so you do not need to worry.

Mihingo lodge, has received comments from its former guests and these are incredibly positive about the experience that was nothing less than fabulous in the African wild of lake mburo national park. These comments that are concerned with treatment of how people are widely received by the management, and in these the clients are simply thanking the management of the lodge for the good care that was given to them.

mihingo lodge
Mihingo Lodge

The guests loved this lodge in the wilderness with unique and new features. The lodge is a perfect place to stay for your last night on safari in Uganda not putting any factor in consideration.

It only takes a duration of about four to five hours from Entebbe airport and is a true celebrated place to stay that is filled with all the entertainment that is needed by all kinds of people. In 2017 this is how the overnight ultimate luxury tented safaris to Mihingo lodge were rated as below;

For the single room, and the double room Twin, extra bed was only children and they have to be having an age that is ranging from two to twelve years of age.

Not forgetting that the lodge receives visits from the wilderness of Lake Mburo national park and some of these animals that make visits to the lodge include the birds, since Lake Mburo national park has over 350 species of birds, also the antelopes come and pay a visit to the people that are leaving in Mihingo lodge.

The lodge provides guides that are supposed to guide through the grounds, for your first time in this beautiful premises of Mihingo lodge. You are advised to come and have the best times with great nature of Africa without any problem but just filled with joy and discoveries that do create memories in life. Mihingo lodge is the best place and right choice for you.

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