Birding Safaris

Birding Safaris in Lake Mburo

Birding Safaris

Birding safaris : Lake mburo national park is situated in Mbarara District, and is known as the smallest game park in Uganda. Lake mburo national park boasts with very rich diversity of rolling hills, woodlands ,forests, seasonal and permanent swamps, landscapes , the park is really a blessing in disguise, because one can underestimate it due to its size, but still the park has got 13 Lakes and of which five of them are found in the boundaries of the park .

Lake mburo national park has got a variety of different wildlife features that can not be found in any other national parks in Uganda and although it is covering a small area, impalas, giraffes, zebras, antelopes and many more are found here. The skies of this national park are being governed by the beautiful and unique creatures and these are commonly termed as the birds. These creatures are the cause of birding safaris in Uganda.

Uganda is one of the best destinations in the all whole world with over one thousand bird species. It has over 350 bird species in its premises.

Birding has made lake mburo national park a destination or stop over that will complete your stay in Africa. Since birding is referred to the act of becoming part of nature through observing all the different types of birds.

Birding Safaris

Lake mburo national park, boasts with over 350 bird species and some of these are both migratory and also residential birds that intend to have a stay at the park due to its favorable environments. The park is full of nature and the pure green environment also intend to attract very many bird species to Lake mburo national park. Some of these birds species are most spotted in the valleys, swamps, on the sides of the pure blue lakes and also Rubanga forest, valleys of Miriti and many more. Some of the most expected bird species includes the red papyrus gonolek, black papyrus gonolek and also yellow papyrus gonolek that are found in the papyrus swamps areas. Others include Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fishing eagle, saddle billed stork, white winged warbler, papyrus yellow warblers, brown chested wattled plover, African finfoot, Grey crowned crane, black bellied bustard, bare faced go away bird, rufous bellied, heron, coqui francolin, emerald spotted wood, red faced barbet among many other species.

The best time for birding safaris in Lake Mburo national park is in the morning and also in the evenings and the best places to watch birds from are Rubanga forest, valleys of Miriti, warukiri and in the evenings at the salt licks. Rubanga forest can be visited using a vehicle or on foot.

lake mburo park birds

 This is a real draw for keen birders, and also prior arrangements should be made with the warden. The rare red faced barbet, only seen in lake mburo national park and is one of the forest’s featured species, and due to that, the visitors can also have a great opportunity of engaging with all the different types of birds that are mostly spotted in the skies of this park and also discover more about their life styles and how they eat and live.

Birding Safaris in Lake Mburo national park, has also played a bigger part in making lake mburo national park very strong and famous in Uganda and also outside Uganda.

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