District of Lake Mburo National Park

District of Lake Mburo National Park

District of Lake Mburo National Park

District of lake mburo national park is great and fabulous. Lake mburo national park is the smallest park in Uganda and very close to the mighty capital city – Kampala. This credited it to be strongly situated in one of the well known and rapidly growing districts in Uganda.  Lake mburo national park is situated approximately 240 kilometers from Kampala and only 30 kilometers from the rapidly growing city of mbarara which is the biggest town in the western part of Uganda. Lake mburo national park is known as the most easily accessed national park in Uganda. It can be accessed by means of road transport and this only takes about a duration of three or three and half hours drive from Kampala. Lake mburo national park has got the following coordinates 0036S, 3057E and latitude of 0.600, longitude of 30.9500.

The area was first Gazetted in 1933 as an open hunting ground and the banyankole used to graze their animals in this area, and during obote’s regime they were chased away because obote’s thought that they were planning for his down fall.

The district of lake mburo is mbarara. Mbarara is found  in the south western part of the capital city Uganda. Mbarara received this name after their great chief of the municipal center of the city of Mbarara where the district headquarters are found, mbarara has its coordinate being 00^o36’S30^o36’E. Mbarara is in the region of the western part of Uganda and in a sub-region of Ankle sub-region and it’s capital being mbarara. The rapidly growing city of mbarara is covering an area of 1846.4 kilometers squared (712.9 square meters). The city also has land of summation of 1778.4 kilometers squared (686.6 square meters).  Mbarara city has also got a very high elevation that counts 1800 meters which is approximately 5900 feet’s.

The district of Lake Mburo national park is a great city and it is drained with such great and pure lakes and rivers and some of these great rivers and lakes include the great lake known as Lake Nakivale. 

Lake nakivale which is almost about 40 kilometers south east of the growing city of mbarara and the lake’s water body system and the gorgeous Sandy beaches and the widely expansive open ground make lake nakivale an attractive spot hence playing an extensive hand in the economy, of the city through the taxes the tourist pay to be part of the great nature governed by the pure blue waters of the lake thus the lake being a place of influence to the people living in the society and the government of Uganda as well by improvising part of the budget of Uganda in a way of providing revenue which comes as a result of the taxes collected from the tourist as they enter the mighty city of Kampala.

The district of Lake Mburo is its drained with lakes but also it has got a great river system also draining the great city of Mbarara and this is greatly influenced by the existence of wonderful and different types of rivers found in mbarara. River Rwizi.

One of the rivers draining this wonderful city of mbarara is the well known river called river Rwizi. River Rwizi has also played a great role to the growth of mbarara in which the great park of lake mburo is located in. The river has done this by supplying both domestic and commercial water to mbarara and by doing this the cost of water in the city is low and affordable by every person in mbarara city. Though this water is used in mburo national park to accomplish many tasks for example providing it to animals as water for drinking and this helps to keep the animals healthy and free from diseases. River Rwizi is also an important ecosystem and acts as a great tourists attraction site for safari tourists on their way to and from the south western part of Uganda.

The district of Lake Mburo national park is none other than mbarara. Mbarara has a population that was recently estimated in the counting program of the year of 2012 and the results came out showing that mbarara has a total population of 445600 and a applicable density of 250.61 kilometers squared (649 square meters).

Like any other city in Uganda also mbarara has got a good economy and its best economic activity is the proudly known agriculture since mbarara is in Uganda and the country is best in doing agriculture since way back when our country was well known for growing coffee.

The coffee growing placed Uganda on the world’s economy map. In mbarara they grow crops and in turn also rare animals or livestock. There is a wide range of crops grown in mbarara such us the mostly liked crop that is almost grown in every district and that is none other than the matooke, sweet bananas, beans, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes,  tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, papaya,  passion fruit, avocados and many more. Some of the live stocks being kept in this place include Ankole cattle, exotic cattle,  hybrid cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens and many more. All that have played a big role of making mbarara city adamantine in terms of its economy and also made lake mburo national park to have a governing body and that is the Uganda wildlife authority due to its district where its is situated.

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