Kibale Forest

Kibale Forest : located in western Uganda Kibale National Forest in the districts of Kabarole and Kamwenge is yet of the most famous forests for its significant flora and also being the home to some of the most endangered wildlife in the world and Uganda at large.

Kibale Forest 26 kilometers southeast of Fort Portal town covering an area of approximately 795 square kilometers and designed with lovely flora thrilling for the eyes to sight right from evergreen rainforest, swampy areas, grasslands, and patches of savannah turning the landscape of the forest so elegant and great to sight.

Kibale forest is just one of the other fascinating locations in Uganda to have a visit at for the best vacations in the entire of Uganda and while at kibale forest you will surely get to know as to why Uganda is referred to as the pearl of Africa.

Besides being one of the thrilling areas to visit kibale forests safari activities are even added on by the strategic location it holds for the forest is bordered by several other protected areas in the region, including Queen Elizabeth National Park to the south, Rwenzori Mountains National Park to the north, and Semuliki National Park to the west and hence all these contribute the beauty of the park.

Kibale forest is so fantastic and for a family venture in the republic of Uganda for the forest has got a lot to see and learn about as you explore the beauty in the great pearl of Africa.

Kibale is known for the greatest chimpanzee tracking activities for the forest is has several species of primates and amongst these include: red colobus monkeys, black-and-white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, and olive baboons.

Aside from the primates , it is also known to have another wildlife species that can be sighted in the forest and some of these include: variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

Kibale forest is the most referred to forest for the all chimpanzee studies in the pearl of Africa as you get to understand their ways and how they stay in their natural habitat and for that case this brings us to some of the safari activities that are held in the great kibale forest.

Safari activities in kibale forest

There are several safari activities that can be done in the great kibale forest ass one gets to enjoy the beauty and the breath taking flora and stunning fauna in the forest as you get to explore deeper the pearl of Africa.

Chimpanzee Tracking Experience: kibale forest provides the best kind Chimpanzee Tracking Experiences in the entire of East Africa and during this activity achieve global safaris will surely provide you with the most experienced guides and trackers to ensure that you get the best kind of chimpanzee tracking experiences.

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Chimps in Kibale

Visit Swamps and Wetlands: a nature walk at the several swamps and wetlands in the forest can turn out to be one of the most thriving activities as you get to learn about the landscapes of the forest and also the great experience of the natural encounter with the grasses, aquatic plants, and various species adapted to the wet conditions.

Chimpanzee Habituation: get to involve in the chimpanzee habituation activities in kibale forest for there are multiple individuals of chimpanzees and some of these have been habituated to the human presence and this signifies that they are used to humans and the chimpanzee habituation experience is the greatest activity as you also get a chance to share a banana with these great species.

Environmental study: get to engage in the environment study of kibale forest as you get to learn about the characteristics of the forest and what the forest is made of as earlier mentioned the moist evergreen rainforest and moist semi-deciduous forest, along with patches of grasslands and swamps all these add to the wisdom of the environment and also get more knowledge about the diverse vegetation including tall trees, thick undergrowth, lianas, and epiphytes.

These are some of the exclusive Uganda safari activities to do with kibale forest and with help of Achieve global safaris one is able to enjoy the thrilling moments in the great forest as they get to learn more about the forest and its features.

Achieve global safaris can arrange for this safari as you get to learn more about Uganda and even other safaris can be arranged for you plus helping you to plan for the safaris starting from accommodations, destinations and transportations all at a fee.

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