Kiruhura District

Kiruhura District

Kiruhura District

Kiruhura district as not only been a posey but also a big challenge to other districts that had come before it and due to its rapid enlargement of its territories in terms of it economic sector and also its wildlife sectors.

Kiruhura district is still portraying a good image to all other districts in Uganda, on how to handle and care for the great wildlife the district holds.

Kiruhura district is a town that is found in the western region of Uganda and it is also considered as the largest town in the district being the the site of the district head quarters.

Kiruhura district, is  bordered by very many beautiful and unique districts and some of these districts include: Northern part of the district it’s being bordered by Kyegegwa district but again in its North eastern part it’s bordered by Sembabule district, Kamwenge district in the North west of Kiruhura district, and still Lyantonde district is found in the Eastern part of the district, Rakai district to the south east, isingiro district to the south,  Mbarara district to the south western part of the district and still this is being followed by Ibanda which is in the North eastern part.

kiruhura district

The headquarters of Kiruhura district are permanently situated at Kiruhura hills which is the former Nyabushozi county head quarters and again the district has a total area of approximately about 4608 square kilometers of land.

Kiruhura district is approximately 69 kilometers by road in the north eastern part of Mbarara district which is the largest city in the great Ankole sub region. It is also about 256 kilometers west of Kampala, the capital and the largest city of Uganda. The coordinates of this great town are 0^o12’53.0”S, 30^o46’12.0”E, and the latitudes and longitudes of this district is 0.214709 and 30.769999 respectively.

Kiruhura district local government, came into existence as a big result of people’s wishes and also the big efforts of the parliament. All this happened in the year of 2005 and the conclusion of all that was to subdivide the greater Mbarara district into four districts and these were specifically Mbarara, Ibanda, Isingiro and Kiruhura. As a result of all that, the counties of Kashari, Rwampara, Bukanga and also Isingiro counties and due to that, they formed Isingiro district as ibanda county formed Ibanda district while Nyabushozi and also Kazo counties joined to Kiruhura .

In 2002, the national population census put the town’s population at about 10240. And in the next year of 2010, the Uganda bureau of statistics estimated the population at approximately 13500. In 2012 still the Uganda bureau of statistics estimated the mid year population at 14000. Kiruhura district according to census results has more numbers of men than women which has greatly attributed to the effect of the net migration.

Kiruhura , is located very close to lake mburo national park, and on your way to the park you will be able to snatch a bit of the big number of bird species that are found in lake mburo national park. In Kiruhura , you will see one if the famous “amabere ga mugore stone features” that are believed to be associated with the Chwezi.

Kiruhura district

The district also hosts two big government ranches and government farms which are also attract a number of visitors that are both local and also international visitors.

Kiruhura district is also characterized by short and also undulating hills with also wide valleys. It has Savannah woodlands type of vegetation with a wide cover of thorny shrubs and the district has no Gazetted natural forests with only existing forests that are being man made for economic and subsistence purposes. The district has a few water bodies that are habiting unique aquatic wildlife species that can not be found in any other district, and some of these water bodies include Lake Kacheera and Lake Mburo, and it also has seasonal streams of which some have got swamps along their drainage.

Lake Mburo national park is one of the major tourist attractions in Kiruhura district,it has a number of tourist activities including game drives. During this game drive you will have an opportunity to see a number of mammals such as Zebras, Impalas, Hippo, Buffaloes and many more. Encounter in a boat ride on a Lake Mburo where you will spot a number of bird species, Hippos, and many more.

Another Tourist attraction in Kiruhura district is Igongo culture center, one of the dominant culture centers in the western region of Uganda. This cultural museum includes all show cases for the western part of Uganda, there accommodations as well where one can fully book for their stay.

There a are number of farms in Kiruhura district and you will be able to see a number of long horned cattle in the district during your visit.

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