Lake Mburo National Park Activities


Lake Mburo National Park Activities

Lake Mburo National Park Activities are those events or things that are done in the national park to spice up the Lake Mburo Safari. Some of these activities are economical (Paid For) to keep the park in good economical state and also make the park unique from all other parks in Uganda. These activities take place within and outside the park all with an aim of bringing excitement to the visitors coming into lake mburo national park but also maintain the economic status of the park stable .

At Lake mburo national park there a range of activities that are taking place and they are being influenced by different factors that are found in the national park. Some of these activities include; the night walks, horse riding, boat cruising gorilla trekking and many more. They are all put in place as an addition to the nature that is found in Lake mburo national park that is found Uganda.

Horse riding: This is one of the most popular and interesting activities that is taking place at lake mburo national park. Visitors take part of nature with any noise from the busy working engines but only the natural sounds of the birds of in the air and also the sound from the great wild life of this place. The activity is interesting because one gets to encounter nature on the back of the horse and one is also given a ride across the great African Savannah with Rolling hills and valleys. The horses originate from different parts of the world and these include thoroughbred horses which are the strongest horses at the park and originated from Kenya together with the ponies and also bahara that best for children.

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Agricultural Activity: Lake mburo national park being located in the rapidly growing city of mbarara has been a good place for the activity of agriculture. From way back the park area was a good grazing area for the banyankole and bahima ankole cattle before the park upgraded to a game reserve. One of the agricultural activities that is carried out in the nearby city of mbarara is crop growing and livestock rearing. One of the crops grown in this place is the matooke which is most liked by the people living in the great city of Kampala. Because of its fertile soils other crops are grown like passion fruits, beans, avocados, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes and many more.

Nature Walks: The park also has got in side activities which includes the walks through the wilderness of lake mburo national park. These walks are most interesting during the morning and late in the evening because same animals are very shy and are not friendly to all kinds of people yet some them have a problem of being viewed during the day time. Some of such animals include zebras and hyenas that are found in the park.

Nature Walks

Birding: Since the park has a wide range of birds that are all most ranging from 340 to approximately 360 bird species that are found in Lake mburo national park. Therefore lake mburo national park is also well known as a perfect place for bird watching because the skies of this place are free from the dangerous fumes that intend to destroy the ozone layer.

The aquatic birds also enforced on the activity of bird watching in the park making the activity more valuable at the park and treated in a unique way and some examples of these birds that are more likely to be spotted in the skies of lake mburo national park include rare shoe bill stork,  African fin foot,  pelican, heron, and many more species that can not be completed because the list is too long to crack it down now, doing this will make us not finishing it all at once,  the great high creeks and canals that connects these 13 lakes together and for a good network of water system.

Game drive: Travelers also take Game Drives at Lake Mburo National park to have a chance to see the Impala’s, kobs, giraffes, zebras and many more during the game drive activity at the park.

The park has manyaccommodation facilities that have greatly developed in this area in order to overcome the problem of lack of accommodation. Some of the lodges and accommodations in lake mburo national park include mihingo lodges, Rwakobo rock lodge , lake mburo tented camp, Rwonyo rest camp, Arcadia cottages and many more

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