Mbarara City

Mbarara City

Mbarara City

Mbarara city, is found in one of the unique and blessed countries in that the world that is also ranked as the pearl of Africa i.e. Uganda. This city has shown bigger achievements to Uganda and it has been one of the rapidly growing districts among all districts in Uganda. Apart from that, it has hidden factors that are totally influencing its rapid growth and development.

Mbarara is estimated to be about 290 kilometers which are approximately 180 miles by road in the South West of Kampala City.

Mbarara is also an important transport hub due to mainly its strategic location and this city is lying west of masaka on the road that will lead you to Kabale near the smallest national park in Uganda, Lake Mburo national park.

Mbarara City has got the following coordinates that can help you access it from anywhere 003648S, 303930E and these are being accompanied by the following latitudes and longitudes respectively; 0.6132 and 30.6582.

Mbarara  has got an interesting history that is concerning its start because there is no successful and big city in the whole world without a big story behind it to tell and so is Mbarara.

Recently different tests were meant to be carried out on the people living in this city to come up with the conclusion of how this city is handling it’s new effective glory. This population census was carried out and according to the results that were received, results showed that in 2002 national census estimated the population of the town at 69,400 and the Uganda national bureau of statistics (UBOS) estimated the population of this place and it was at 82,000 and these were the results of 2010. Another activity was carried out and still Uganda national bureau of statistics estimated the mid year population of Mbarara city in Uganda and gave results of 83,700 and again in 2014 in the great month of August the national population census put the population of Mbarara city in Uganda at only 195,013.

Mbarara city has also one of the best infrastructures that the country of Uganda can look upon and be glad of the wonderful city of Mbarara. Mbarara city in Uganda is a home of the Mbarara university of science and technology and this university was founded in the year of 1989.

Mbarara city was the host of the 2004 Annual General Meeting of the Uganda local governments association. On 1st October, which was the changing of the organization to its current structure in order to present all Uganda local government and till now, the city remained an active member of this great government association.

Mbarara city in Uganda, being a big city, it has a big range of water supply that is in charge of making sure that the city is well served with safe water but still due to the rapidly expanding population and hence the current water that was got from the nearby river. River Rwizi is becoming insufficient to meet future needs of the big number of people that are found in Mbarara City and due to that the Uganda government has borrowed €120 million to source water from the kagera river, purify it and then be pumped to Mbarara, Masaka, and also to Isingiro district.

Mbarara city has a good transport network. The Mbarara -katuna was constructed in the year between 2011 and 2015 and still a new northern  bypass road is planned for the town and this bypass road will start from Coca Cola plant on the Mbarara – Masaka road at machine, pass through Rwebishuri and Nkokonjeru and join the Mbarara – Kabale road at Katatumba resort, which is about 5 kilometers South West of the central business.

Mbarara city has got one of the best industries in Uganda and these include Nile breweries Mbarara, century bottling company limited Mbarara – manufactures and distributors of Coca Cola products, mbarara steel plant -owned and operated by the China machine building internal corporate.

The city came from behind and developed to surpass Entebbe, masaka, Gulu, Jinja as the second largest city in Uganda after Kampala and also second to Kampala in the importance, industry and infrastructures. It is the third largest town in Uganda in terms of population after Kampala and Kira and also the fastest growing town in Uganda being followed by Gulu starting with 2000 modern buildings have even established malls, arcades, plaza, hotels. Modern hospitals have also been constructed including Mbarara hospital, which is now a national referral hospital that is located in Kyamugorani, Kakiika, division and mayanja memorial hospital located in Nyamityabora Kakoba Division. And on 7th August in the year of 2015 the Uganda cabinet approved Mbarara municipality alongside other 5 municipalities to be granted a city status which was a big achievement to the city.

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