Primate Species in kibale forest National Park

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Primate Species in Kibale forest National Park : As well known that Uganda is one of the most blessed countries for its diverse flora and fauna that is sighted in the land this stands as one of the reasons as to why the republic of Uganda was recognized as the pearl of Africa.

Getting a safari into the great forests of the country causes one want to have more and more of the country as they get to explore the beauty that is designed in the pearl of Africa.

Once one speaks of beauty the very first thing that comes to ones mindset is the variety of forests that are within the country and for that case Achieve global safaris brings to one of the most famous forest in the country.

Kibale forest is another stunning destination to have a visit at while you explore the fascinating attractions in the pearl of Africa for the forest has got a lot to see and learn of.

Kibale forest of Uganda is yet one of the most famously visited forests in the republic of Uganda, the forest covers an area of approximately 795 square kilometers and located in located in western Uganda, in the districts of Kabarole and Kamwenge.

Kibale forest is a moist evergreen rainforest with so very many swampy areas, grasslands, and patches of savannah and hence the turning the forest into a great and an ideal habitat for a wide array of plant and animal species.

In this article Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the primate species to be on a sure that one would sight as they venture the great kibale forest for kibale forest is a well-known home for the largest number of primates in Uganda.

Join Achieve global safaris as we take you through the primate species in kibale forest as you also explore the beauty of the forest and the lush vegetation in the forest.

Primates Species in kibale forest

Below is the list of some of the primate species in the great kibale forest of Uganda get to learn more about them while on a primate safari with Achieve global safaris in the great kibale forest of Uganda.

Chimpanzees: these are major primates in kibale forest of Uganda and once one mentions kibale forest chimpanzees should be the very first wildlife species to think of for its hard to enter into kibale forest and not sight a chimpanzee jumping and playing on the tree branches of the forest.

Tarsiers: despite of the that tarsiers are not as common like other primates species in the great kibale forest but tarsiers occasionally can be spotted as they skip branch to branch in the forest, these are easily spotted because of their enormous eyes with the great ability of being agile climbers.

Mangabeys: there are two species of mangabeys in kibale forest and these involve; the grey-cheeked mangabey plus the red-tailed monkey. When it comes to the proper identification of the mangabeys they are medium-sized monkeys with long tails these can commonly be sighted while on a primate safari in kibale forest.

Bush babies: Kibale Forest is also home to various species of bush babies these nocturnal primates have large eyes with long limbs and a great ability to leap between trees these are yet other primates to spot in kibale forest as you experience the primate safaris in Uganda.

Colobus Monkeys: kibale forest is also known to be home to both the red colobus monkeys and black-and-white colobus monkeys and hence while in the forest one has the chance to spot at least one of the two or even both of the species and this would surely turn into the best primate safari in the entire world.

Primate Species in Kibale forest National Park
Colobus Monkeys

Potto: these slow-moving, nocturnal primates also refer to kibale forest as home just like other primates species, these have a stocky build, large eyes, and a short tail so lovely to sight as they slung around the trees in kibale forest.

Kibale Forest home to so very many diverse primate species and the listed above are just a few of those that can be spotted in the forest and while on a primate safari in kibale forest one can be able sight these and more as desired.

And additionally to the primate species Kibale Forest is home to a diverse array of other wildlife therefore with achieve global safaris get to have a primate safari to kibale forest as you also get to know other wildlife species in the forest such as the variety of birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians and mammals.

Conclusively kibale forest is the best destination for a primate safari in Uganda as you learn more about the stunning and electrifying activities in the forest and with achieve global safaris you are position to accomplish this safari activity.

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