Uganda National Museum

Uganda National Museum : Uganda Museum is one of the top stopping Uganda city tour, located few kilometres away from Kampala along Kintante road and above all, ranks as the oldest museum in East African Countries. However, the Uganda museum started in 1908 at laggard’s fort on the old Kampala where now the National Gadhafi Mosque is permanently located. Then in 1942 the museum was shifted to Makerere University School of fine art and later no in 1954 the museum was officially shifted to Kintante hill as a permanent place. Fortunately, in 2022 it has made its 114years into existence. More so, the Uganda Museum act as a great location for tourism where amazing historical traditional;

Below is different Uganda historical section displayed in museum for tourism;

 Science Industry Section

The science section

This section displays the first fold car that was made up by Alexandra Mackay and the first telephone to be introduced in the country    as well as the first chair where His Excellent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni seat when he has just come into power in 1986 all acts as perfect tourist attraction to visitors, students as well as researchers.

Uganda National Museum
Uganda National Museum

Palaeontology Section

 This is one of an interesting sector which displays the environmental features like animal and birds features.

Nature historical section

This Natural section is featured with reptile species where tourists can be   able to sight view snakes, bird species of Uganda.

Musical galley

This section displays the musical galley of Uganda’s traditional instrument that was used during  ancient years  such as drums ,string instruments ,percussion among more.

Ethnography Section

This section consists of old traditional dressing code, baskets, wooden tools, traditional reed door, traditional dressing code, bark cloth that is, Gomesi for women and Kanzu for men, wooden sandal as well as tools which used to make items like stones, bones and wood for different purpose.

Archaeology Section

Archaeology section quietly displays a gallery   of items such as drums, xylem phone which were used by traditional African stories of Chwezi. It also displays the first printing press which printed the first   newspapers to be read in Uganda thus acting as   tourist attraction in on Uganda City Tours.

Cultural Village Section

 This traditional section is located outside the museum’s promise which were built in form of traditional huts basing on different tribes and regions, such as cultural houses –traditional tribes of Batooro, Bakiga, Lango, Ankole, Buganda, Bagishu among others. Each traditional huts introduces its amazing clan, hunting spires ,bark clothes ,traditional beds ,knives ,traditional dressing codes and traditional saddles they used .They are also based  on hunting  that has been  in existence for over 100,000 years ago.

Benefit of its existence and its major attractions

More so, the Uganda museum also acts as the main tourist attraction on Uganda tours and has contributed  a lot to its tourism hub .Around the museum there is an attractive craft shops that displays beautiful  hand manmade materials where tourists can buy souvenir to take back to their home country.

Uganda museum was also preserved to display the amazing culture sites through the exhibition of historical cultural site such as displayed traditional huts and its traditional features.

It also acts as  an outstanding  tourist attractions of school tours who  tours the place   in order to learn practical things ,basing on what have been taught  at school .More so , schools visit the place for study purposes  in order to discover the historical nature of Uganda.

It is a great location to enjoy their breath-taking leisure time because it has cool environment comprising of gardens and workshops where number of people gather from yearly, workshops is all about displaying different vibrant traditional materials on sell thus acting as an impact to Uganda’s tourism industry.

Uganda Museum also acts as a great site for Uganda’s education where schools, universities visit the place for research in a way that they get to know the historical back ground of Uganda that have been in existence for years, through discovering natural history, archaeology, cultural wear of Uganda   which exhibits the facts that concerns about them.

Uganda National Museum
Uganda National Museum

Despite the fact that, Uganda museum acts as astonishing city tour attraction that attracts number of visitors to come discover the truly African traditional history and historical treasures of Uganda which are kept under one roof. While on visit to Uganda City Tour –Kampala take a visit to Uganda museum and be able to explore great experience of African traditional ways of life during early age before the modem way of life came in existence.

More the, the site offers remarkable views of cultural materials such as musical instrument, leather work, cutlery, traditional milk pot as well as craft materials like earrings, unique handmade bags, neckless, decorative materials which can be bought at your own deserts.

Lastly, Uganda museum is best toured mostly during festival seasons by numbery of foreigners and domestic people visits the place with their families, groups among others. It can be visited throughout the year. Generally, it opens up on daily routine and it can be easily accessed to those wish to adventure Uganda’s amazing traditional outfit which are clearly displayed in different section.

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