What To Take On A Uganda Safari

What To Take On A Uganda Safari : Uganda is a beautiful country which is also commonly referred to a land locked country and a pearl of Africa. Visiting Uganda grants you to good time while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the country because it is surrounded with wonderful nature of a green lush vegetation and has a good warm climate compared to other countries. More so, Uganda has so many attractions which lead many people to be curious and travel from many parts all over the world with an interest to see these attractions which include; hotels, bars and restaurants, large numbers of bird species, wildlife species which mark your adventurous safari a successful one such as; chimpanzees, lions, buffalos, African elephants, leopards, antelopes among others. In addition, in Uganda, there are so many different cultures and tribes that tourists get interact with the local people in the country and learn more about their history and so many things.

Travelling to Uganda also gives you great opportunities to engage in many interesting activities where they gain new experiences and these activities include; gorilla trekking, mountain gorilla trekking which is best done in Mgahinga gorilla trekking and Bwindi Impenetrable national park and many others. however, tourists planning to travel to Uganda are encouraged to first take note of what they should pack that will be required for them to have while in the country and some of these include the following below;

What to carry while planning to go on a safari in Uganda.

The travel documents.

Tourists planning on going to Uganda on a safari are encouraged to endeavor to pack along their documents such as; their passports, valid identity cards, tickets, a safari intermarry, yellow fever vaccine, the travel insurance documents, cash in foreign currency and many others. And for those who are travelling to engage themselves in activities like; gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking which are best done from Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park and in Kibale national park are advised to purchase their trekking permits in advance because they will always be present them at the park headquarters.


Tourists are also advised to pack a big percentage of light clothes due to the fact that this country has a warm climate with a lot of sunny days and also being that it is during the dry season which is between months of June to September and from Mid- December. In addition, this period is considered as the best time when one should travel to Uganda because there is always less rainfalls, which may lead to any destructions to their daily programs. More so, for tourists who want to explore through places like national parks should pack long trousers, long sleeved shirts and blouses  due to the fact that these areas tend to be bush, caps, and sweaters in case of any weather changes whereby it always seems cold during the mornings and in the evenings. However, tourists should take note of the fact that the dress code in this country is abit modest and less revealing because its people are religious.


More so, for individuals planning to embark onto activities like; hiking and mountain climbing are advised to pack some good hiking boots because these areas sometimes tend to be slippery and busy and therefore, help them to avoid injuries and walk comfortably along their way, which makes their tour a successful one.

What To Take On A Uganda Safari
What To Take On A Uganda Safari

More so, there are so many things that tourists planning  a safari to Uganda should carry along and some of these include; the sunscreen which helps to protects their skins from affected from direct sunlight, binoculars which help them capture classic views of all the interesting features, cameras which they will use to take pictures and record videos of the beautiful nature in the country and the unique wildlife species such as;  African elephants, leopards, lions among others and show they show people back at home. More so, for people with health problems they encouraged to visit their doctors who will subscribe and give enough medicine that will be able to take them through up to the last day of their trips, light rain coats which are helpful when it rains along the way of their tour, mobile phones which help to keep clear communications with their people back at home and the  advantage is that most places of residences in the country provide their guests with free WI-FI  and they can also use their phones to take pictures and record videos of the wildlife animals however, they always encouraged to disable the use of flash light because it may lead the animals to being violent and many others.

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