Mountain gorilla trekking rules 2024

Mountain gorilla trekking rules 2024 : 2024 is going to be a big mountain gorilla trekking year for primate lovers for many reasons that cannot all be detailed here. But to give you a glimpse, its because primates especially gorillas are wonderful, over the years the number of mountain gorillas in the different habitats has pretty increased, there is more increase in interest in the gorillas, there are great safari offer for people doing mountain gorilla trekking, and of course mountain gorilla trekking is one of the most exciting trekking experience in the whole world wide among other things.

So you see, mountain gorilla trekking is going to be a safari for all, and to help you prepare for this safari, we detail the mountain gorilla trekking rules and regulations you have to follow during your trekking experience.

Of course the first rule is to have a mountain gorilla trekking permit, you cannot trek if you don’t have a mountain gorilla trekking permit.

When you have your permit make sure you are ready to trek on the day of your trekking, the permits are not transferable or extendable.

On the day of your trekking you are expected to be at the park headquarters by 7am for the briefing before you go into the forest to find the gorillas.

Though you have a trekking permit, you should know that if you are below 15  years you will not be allowed to trek.

You are expected to be healthy and in good health before you trek, especially you should be without any communicable disease because if you have a communicable disease you can easily pass it on to the gorillas on the trek. If the authorities concerned with the trekking sense anyone who is no well on the trek, they have the right to forbid you from trekking with the others.

You will be asked to wash your hands or sanitise your hands and observe social distancing before, during, and after the brief before the trek.

You will be trekking in a group of 8 so please when you attached with your fellow trekkers, ensure you stay with them and your assigned trekking guide or ranger during the trek.

When on the trek please endeavour to keep the gorilla habitat natural and clean, don’t litter the place or drop things in the forest just anyhow.

When in the presence of the gorillas you will be required to keep a 7meter distance between you and the gorillas, you will be expected not to be so close to the gorillas at all times.

You should restrain from touching the gorillas, feeding them or even playing with them. Through these close interactions you may danger the animal or irritate it and in turn the animal will charge against you. So what we are saying is award the gorillas their due jungle respect.

Mountain gorilla trekking rules 2024
Mountain Gorilla

Control your noise levels; don’t shout and don’t make any noises that will irritate the gorillas or even make them feel like you are attacking them.

Always follow the ranger’s lead; for your safety and the gorillas safety. Wandering off alone in the forest may be dangerous to you.

You are allowed to take photos and videos of the gorillas; all we ask is be discreet as you do this don’t point your gadget to the gorillas and most importantly don’t use flashes when taking photos.

You are allowed to carry snacks and water for you trek because it’s pretty tiresome and you really need to refill. You are however not allowed to eat and drink in front of the gorillas or even feed them. Make sure you are far from the gorilla’s presence when eating or drinking.

Avoid eye contact with the gorillas that can set them off. And they charge at you.

If a gorilla charges at you without cause; be still and let it be it will go away after a while; and in case there is any sense of danger follow your trekking ranger’s instructions to guide you through the situation.

These are the basic rules and regulations for your gorilla trekking experience and if there mores specifics your tour consultant and trekking ranger will communicate with you.

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