Activities in Lake Mburo National Park

  • Safaris and game drives
  • Night safari (game drive) with high chances of seeing leopards
  • Walking Safari to get close to the animals escorted by a ranger guide
  • Boat trip on Lake Mburo. The boat is a very good platform to see birds, crocodiles and hippos
  • Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

During safari drives you will have the opportunity of taking exceptional photographs of the fascinating creatures that live in this park. Enjoy very good game viewing of the mosaic habitat: dry hillside, rocky outcrops, bushes, thickets, open and wooded savannahs, forests, lakes and swamps that are a home to a surprising diversity of plants and animals from this hideaway

Boat Trips

An afternoon boat cruise on the famous Lake Mburo is one of the most sought after activities. The cruise provides great opportunities to see hippos and crocodiles. Water bird species are often too numerous for even the keenest birder to identify them all. These interesting wildlife encounters together with the stunning scenery and panoramic landscape views will really leave a lasting impression upon you about the true African beauty.

Game Drives

The best way to fully explore Lake Mburo National Park is by driving. A game drive in Lake Mburo National Park gives you the best opportunity for seeing the impala and zebra. These two species define Lake Mburo, because it is the only place in Uganda to see the majestic impala and the only easily accessible place to see Burchell’s zebra (the other being Kidepo which is hard to reach). Game drives in this park take different paths and the choice of the best one will depend on the season. During the dry season, animals usually converge around the swamps and lakes; this grants you a remarkable photo opportunity – a magnitude of wild African animals with the sparkling lakes in the background.

Guided Nature Walks

Guided nature walks in Lake Mburo are some of the most alluring and Unique activities that you’ll find in any of Uganda’s parks. This is so because once you are in the company of an armed park ranger, you are permitted to walk anywhere in the park. This gives tourists the unique chance to get out and about and absorb the wonders of the African bush without the confines of a vehicle.

Horse Back Safaris

Horseback safaris are now available from Mihingo Lodge. Horseback safaris are an exciting way to see wildlife in and around Lake Mburo National Park. Without any engine sounds and fumes you feel part of nature and often get the chance to see the more timid animals. Experiencing game from horse back is very special: zebra come towards you to check out the strange relative without strips. Even the normally very shy eland curiously look at the horses without running away, just keeping their distance.

Ankole Cultural Centre

The Banyakole community surrounding Lake Mburo National Park have created the ‘Ankole Cultural Centre’ to highlight the customs and history of their kingdom. The Cultural Centre is situated just outside the park near the Sanga gate. A visit to the Centre will introduce you to the traditional culture of the area and the local way of life. Typical village houses can be visited and Ankole guides will explain their people’s history and lifestyle. Distinctive Ankole handmade crafts can be purchased as souvenirs.

Meet the Local People

While on a visit to Lake Mburo National Park, you can visit and support the local people around the lodge. We also organize village walks to the local villages around the lodge and around Lake Mburo National Park. This gives a very interesting view of their daily life activities. You can see how the live, how they grow crops and how they graze their long horned cows. One of the attractions is the milking of the long horned cows.