Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking

Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking

Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking

Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking: Travellers planning to do a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, the following are the   Rules and Regulations would apply ‘’as set out by the Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’Gorilla Rules’’.

Before any group of trekkers depart on their gorilla trekking;

A maximum number of 8 visitors are accepted to visit a group of habituated mountain gorillas in a day.

Always clean/ wash your hands before you head out to the gorillas.

How you should behave along gorillas trail heads;

Travelers should always keep their voices low. And as you will be trekking in gorilla trails there is high chances of watching the bird life and other wildlife in the forest.

DO NOT litter rubbish in the park. Whatever you bring into the forest should be taken back out with you.

Trekkers will be taken to where the guides last seen the gorillas the day before. From there you will follow the gorilla’s trail heads to locate them. Look out for the gorilla’s   nesting sites as you trek in their trails!

When you get close to the mountain gorillas, the guide will inform you to get ready and we advise you to follow the rules given by you.

When you are with the gorillas;

Keep a distance of 6 to 7 meters away from the gorillas, the further back you are, the more relaxed the group will be.

Stay in tight groups when you are near the gorillas.

Always lower your voices down at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions.

Smoking, drinking or eating are prohibited, which could increase the risk of transmission of diseases.

Sometimes the gorillas charge, follow the guide’s advice ‘’do not look the gorillas directly in the eyes and wait for the animals to pass. Do not attempt to run away, you will be risking your life.

Flash disc is not allowed. When taking pictures move slowly and carefully.

Do not touch the gorillas are wild animals.

The maximum time you can spend watching gorillas is one hour. Moreover, if the gorilla become nervous, the guide will finish the visit early

After the visit keep your voices down until you are about 200 meters away from the gorillas.

General health rules for gorillas;

Note that, mountain gorillas are very susceptible to human diseases. And below are the following ways to minimize the risk your visit might cause to them;

 Respect the number of visitors allowed to trek gorillas each day. This minimizes the risk of disease transmission and stress to the group.

Visitors feeling illness in the body don’t be attempted to go for trekking. An alternative visit will be arranged for you or refund of money will be made for you.

If you feel like coughing or sneezing when you are near the gorillas, please just turn your head away and cover your nose and mouth to minimize the spread of bacteria or viruses.

Always stay 7 meters away from the gorillas in order to protect them from catching human diseases. 

Do not leave any rubbish for example food wrappers in the park such foreign items can harbour diseases.

If you need to go for a long hall while in the forest, please ask the guide to dig a hole with his panga. The hole must be 30cente meter deep and fill it when you’re done.

What to carry with you on your Gorilla Safari?

Carry ear plugs which can help you to avoid uncomfortable with the jungle sounds.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes which will be suitable for steep muddy slopes.

You should carry a packed lunch and enough drinking water.

Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking
Rules and Regulations for Gorilla Trekking

Carry useful essentials like rain gear, sunscreen lotion, a hat ‘’because here the weather is unpredictable ‘’and insect repellent.

Carry a photo of film camera. Flashlight is not permitted so we recommend you to use films of 400-800 ASA.

For more details about Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations, you can contact us or email us Achieve Global Safaris.

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