Where To See The Big Five Animals In Uganda

Where To See The Big Five Animals In Uganda :  The big five animals in Uganda were named so because of their intimidating characters, they are also known to be strong, big in size and brave species compared to all other wildlife species in the world. The ancient hunters are the individuals that happened to have named the big five animals because they were noticed to be fierce animals. More so, because of their unique qualities, it makes them become the most respectable mammal species in the whole of Africa and visiting Uganda on a Uganda wildlife safari without getting a chance to see these big five is always considered incomplete tour. The big five animals are ranked to be among the top tourist attraction in the country which has attracted many tourists to travel from different of the world to come see the species hence improving on the tourism industry of Uganda and these big five animals include; African Elephants, lions, leopards, Rhinos, and the African Buffalos. However, Uganda is not only a home to lion species but also harbours other wildlife species like; golden monkeys, chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, numerous and beautiful bird species, chimpanzees and many others that make an adventurous safari  in Uganda to turn up successfully after getting a chance to see these.

Best places where to see the big five animals in Uganda.

African Elephants.

African Elephants are known to be herbivorous animal species, which stay in savannah, and montane forests are their natural habitats and they noticed to be eating around 450 kilograms of vegetation per day. African Elephants are seen to have little hairy bodies and the upper incisors are long curved tusks of ivory, they also have large ears and long trucks. More so, the male elephants are bigger in size weighing around 6300 kilograms compared to the female species, which weigh half of the weight of the male species. Therefore, for tourists on a safari in Uganda who are excited to see these elephants can also always opt visit places like; Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls national park, and Kidepo national park among others.


The African lions in Uganda which are also commonly referred to as the “ kings of the Jungle” due to the fact that they are the most fierce and much respected species within the parks because of their characters. They are also considered to the largest big cats, which are brave, strong and social among themselves whereby they always stay together in groups of a maximum number of 15 members. These lion species in Uganda are always spotted in places like; Kidepo valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and for tourists exploring around these parks, they can always participate in interesting activities like game drives where they get chances of capturing clear views of the species even when they at a distance with the help of binoculars.


Rhino species in Uganda are located within Nakitoma village, which is found within Nakasongola district, and these species can only be spotted within the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. More so, the Rhino species are also commonly known to be herbivorous animals which two dermal horns, stumpy legs and well-built massive bodies however, these rhino species unfortunately are known to have a poor eye sight but have a strong sense of hearing and have a strong sense of smell. The word Rhinoceros was derived from a Greek word, which is meant to mean a rhino as a nose and a ceros as a horn.

Where To See The Big Five Animals In Uganda
ziwa rhino sanctuary


Leopard are known to be the smallest species considering the sizes of the other big five  and they are nocturnal animals which are known to be more active during the day light. Leopards are naturally shy animals, which feed on the other dead animals, insects, mice, fish, and other big species like; dogs and antelopes and many others. Leopards during the hunting are always seen creeping and biting the necks of other animals and they use this as their best hunting skill. More so, the hunting if the leopards is always best done s=during the night hours when they search for their food and hide it in the trees. In addition, tourists can get the best view of a glance at those leopards in places like; Murchison falls national park, kidepo valley national park, semuliki national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and many others.

African Buffalos.

African Buffalos in Uganda are also commonly referred to as the cape buffalos and are considered the most dangerous species compared to the other big five. These species always seem to be violent and bitter when they are being wounded and when their peace is being disturbed. More so, these African buffalo species can easily be distinguished from the other big five because they have dark black color, and have a lighting outward, upward and backward, large ears, small horns, large fringed hair that grows below the massive horns and many others. and these species can only be located in places like; Queen Elizabeth national park, and in Murchison falls national park where tourists have opportunities to sight see the red buffalos from the West side of the park and the savannah buffalos from the East side.

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