6 Days Uganda Culture Visit & Gorilla Trekking Safari

Gorilla Trekking Safari

6 Days Uganda Culture Visit & Gorilla Trekking Safari

Safari highlights

Gorilla Trekking Safari & Uganda Culture Visit is an exciting safari into Uganda that highlights the African forefathers as great wildlife conservationists who lived with other wildlife species amicably and used wildlife resources sustainably.

Through the interactions with the indigenous people, the travelers see the strong bonds that existed between wildlife and humankind. The travelers while wandering and exploring in the wilderness are still able to notice the human-wildlife conflicts created by over exploiting wildlife resources due to human greed.

Safari Activities

  • Bwindi impenetrable; gorilla trekking, Batwa community visit
  • Lake Bunyonyi; Boat cruise, community walk
  • Lake Mburo; game drive, boat cruise, pastoral community walk

Day 1: Arrival for your culture and gorilla safari

Your safari guide will meet you up on arrival at the airport and travel to your hotel in Kampala City. Share your expectations and plan on how to achieve them. You will attend a live band performing cultural music, dance and drama that give you a bird’s view of Uganda lifestyle.

Day 2:  Travel to Bwindi Impenetrable national park

You set out in the morning for an 8-hour exceptional travel to Bwindi forest national park. Getting to Bwindi National Park is an adventure of its own. You traverse the Victoria basin and the sphere from north to south. You wander into different landforms, land features, vegetation and ethnic groups of people.

You will ascend into the Kigezi highlands; the home range of gorillas in the evening and discover Bwindi, a Ugandan safari destination where adventure never stops. 

Day 3: Mountain gorilla trekking, visit Batwa

Then you’ll set out on Mountain gorilla trekking safari in the morning and discover Bwindi rainforest; a truly stunning and less trampled gem. Trekking the Mountain gorillas in Bwindi rainforest brings out the best safaris into Uganda can offer.

A team of ranger escorts walks you into the jungles explaining in particular each sighting. You traverse the rainforest walking in fresh footmarks and droppings of Mountain gorillas. You will spend an hour with gorillas upon discovering their feeding areas and retreat out of the forest.

You will tour the neighborhood village and visit the Batwa; a pygmy community that originally shared the Bwindi rainforest with gorillas and the rest of wildlife. You will travel to your hotel on the edges of Lake Bunyonyi.

Day 4: Explore Lake Bunyonyi, travel to Lake Mburo

Lake Bunyonyi is a perfect rendez vous to adventure, have fun and rejuvenate after the tiring Mountain gorilla trekking expedition in the Bwindi rainforest. You will go on an exciting boat cruise to explore Lake Bunyonyi on a journey of discovery, relaxation and body healing.

You will set out on 5-hour travel to Lake Mburo upon return from boat cruise. A sunset game viewing drive is a perfect welcome to Lake Mburo where natural beauty of the wilderness goes beyond imaginations.

Day 5: Community walk, visit to the herdsmen

Visit a selected homestead and get life experiences of a herdsman pastoralist. You will get experiences of milking cows, taking care of milk, processing and preservation of dairy products.

You will wander into the wilderness tending to large herd of Ankole longhorn cattle. You may meet up with zebras, waterbucks and other wildlife species in the wilderness.

The 2-hour afternoon boat cruise is an ideal way to explore the wilderness in a less tiring way. You will go for a sunset game viewing drive en route to your hotel.

Day 6: Game drive, boat cruise

Climax the last morning of Uganda safari in the wilderness with an exciting game viewing drive. You traverse the savannas in search of unique wildlife sightings. Mammals graze by the roadside as large swarms of beautiful birds flock from all directions.

You will embark on 4-hour travel to Kampala after the drive. You will break the travel with a brief stop at the equator line crossing point. Your safari guide will drop you off at the airport in time for your outbound flight.

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