Mburo safari lodge

 Mburo safari lodge

 Mburo  safari lodge is a luxury eco- friendly lodge situated in the eastern region of Lake Mburo national park just a few miles from Nshara gate, this lodge found in a very accessible area and offers stylish, luxurious and comfortable accommodation facilities and other service you need as a tourist

Accommodation at Mburo safari lodge

 Mburo safari lodge offers luxurious and comfortable accommodation through the main lodge, cottages and honey moon house, all the accommodation facilities in the lodge are established on a raised wooden platform with grass thatched roofs. Each room of either a cottage or main lodge is equipped with clean private en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and toilets, also each of the rooms have private balconies, handcrafted wooden furniture, walk ways to the private balcony, wardrobes, comfortable king-sized beds with mosquito nets and some cottages have full kitchen.

All cottages are situated in a private area consisting of glass doors which lead to a screened porch, because of the high level of privacy you can draw your curtains open in the morning to enjoy an early morning sun rise.

Luxury cottage

Luxurious honey moon cottage

Luxurious honeymoon cottage is an ideal accommodation for newly wedded couple on a honey moon as it offers the most amazing honey moon experience through it unique style and high level of privacy, this cottage features a large private balcony offering scenic views of the park, distinctive African style furniture and luxurious en-suite bathroom with hot water and flashing toilet. Bed room in luxurious honey moon cottage contains a comfortable spacious king-sized double bed with a mosquito night for amazing nights.

Luxury family cottages

Luxury family cottage at Mburo safari lodge are two in number, these cottages are very luxurious and spacious perfect for a group and family visitors of a maximum of 5 individuals. These cottages were established with a high sense of privacy and contain bed rooms with a private balcony to each bed room, 2 en-suit bathrooms with hot water running showers and flashing toilet. The bedrooms also contain comfortable king sized beds with mosquitoes for a peaceful night sleep.

Camp site

 Mburo safari lodge offers a camping for all tourist who are addicts to nature and adventure, when camping you can either come with your tents and equipments or rent them from the lodge. This campsite is well marked, leveled, drained and equipped with flushing toilets, showers and electricity. As a camper you can chose to cook for your own food or eat at the restaurant.

Services and facilities offered by  Mburo safari lodge

Swimming pool

Touring Lake Mburo national park on a game drive, hiking or nature walk is a tiring and heat filled experience which requires you to relax and cool off after wards. Lake Mburo safari lodge offers a large swimming with for easy access to tourist/ visitor, while swimming the park offers a cocktail drink as compliment which is prepared upon your request, the lodge also offers free large towel.


Lake Mburo safari lodge a well-stocked bar for your refreshment purposes, this bar is was established and designed to fit luxurious standards as it features directly views scenic of the wilderness of lake Mburo. The bars offers a wide range of drinks ranging from wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Viewing areas

Lake Mburo safaris offers more than just food and rooms, it also offers game viewing areas. The lodge instilled a telescope on the balcony of the restaurant where you get to view many birds habiting in the vegetation of the park. For game viewing the lodge features rocks called Mburo rocks found on the backside of the restaurant, on these rocks you get to enjoy sights of many animals found in the park and also these rocks are residents for vervet monkeys. On the rocks you get to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

High class Restaurant

 Lake Mburo safari lodge features a high class lodge established with open area and grass thatched roof offering you scenic views of the park’s wilderness from its secluded balcony, this restaurant serves both international and local mouth-watering cuisines. Lake Mburo safari lodge’s restaurant consists of 2 dining rooms, a gift shop and free Wi-Fi all for the comfortability, enjoyment and entertainment of the guest. The restaurant offers a menu with dishes which are prepared by professional and experienced chefs and served by skilled waiters and waitresses, at Lake Mburo safari lodge’s restaurant all you have to do ask and your order will be fulfilled.

Goat roasting

 Mburo safari lodge aims at creating and withholding a spirit of togetherness, on its agenda it offers goat roasting retreat to its visitors on every weekend (that is from Friday to Sunday). Goat roasting activity involving roasting meat on burning fire with grills promotes bonding between visitors and employees of the lodge thus a spirit of togetherness.

Lounge rooms

Mburo safari lodge aims greatly at the privacy of its visitors, in that sense the lodge offers 2 lounge rooms with a high level of privacy where you can sit and enjoy your personal space without being interrupted by any one.

Free Wi-Fi access

For the purpose of entertainment and communication,  Mburo safari lodge offers free access Wi-Fi to its visitors which can be accessed in any point in the premises of the lodge.

Outside dinning

Lake Mburo safari lodge offers outside dining for all nature lovers outside in area situated near the camp site.

Activities offered by Lake Mburo safari lodge

Mburo safari lodge offers a wide range of activities to its visitors which include

  • Game drive
  • Bush picnics
  • Sports fishing
  • Community walk
  • Bird watching
  • Boat trip
  • Horse riding

How to get to Mburo safari lodge

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