Bird Watcher’s Checklist

Bird watcher’s checklist; Bird watching is one of the major attractions to see on each destination you visit on Uganda safari. For every one wishing to visit birding destination to get to know about them, must carry stable equipment’s which won’t limit their birding experience.

For that reason, here are   the highlights of the equipment a birder should have as they go for their bird watching experience.


Most of bird species are small in size and they usually fly so high in tree species, mountain and forests, meaning you need to carry the binocular which will help you to spot them in far distances. Just know using a binocular is the better way to enjoy the full beauty of the birds.

Bird Watcher’s Checklist

Bird Feeds

Really, if you want variety of beautiful birds come close to you, you need to carry some bird feeds to lure them to you. To those want to do research on birds, always carry bird feed which makes birds to stay around you or close to you peacefully.

If you fail to carry bird feed then you need to check into birding guide apps which will help you save a lot of time and at the end of it, you will be a happy birder.

Water and Snacks

Birding is done on foot as you keep walking in interesting birding trails till you find some of them in their nests. The experience might look tiresome but the best way to do it without getting tired, always move with enough snacks and mineral water bottles to enjoy the experience. The water will keep you rehydrated as you continue to hike looking for the bird species.  You’re recommended to carry water to avoid issues like fainting to happen in your life.


Is not meant that every birder must have a camera but honestly, you wouldn’t want to see notable bird species and you don’t take a picture of them. So for that reason, you need to get a camera to capture those birds. A camera must be of good complex in order to take clear pictures of the birds and the environment. Though today’s era phones have become the most used than even cameras, Bird Watcher’s Checklist.

Since birding is done on foot sometimes hiking in tough trails, we advise you to always come with the guide who will help you in difficult trails if, you try to meet some.

Best time for Birding in Uganda

Uganda is a wet country and wet seasons leads to roads and forest trails in poor conditions. But the best way to enjoy birding starts from May to September when rain is less and fruits in abundance. Still you can do birding any time of the year you fill you want.

Bird Watcher’s Checklist
New World quail

Above all ,Uganda is one of the main stopping destination by the tourists to see high concentration of beautiful bird species ,in total Uganda hosts over 1095 bird species .Some of bird life to be spotted on different safari destinations in Uganda including ; Finches ,Old World buntings ,Dapple-throat and allies ,Sylviid warblers ,sunbirds and spider hunters ,Ostriches ,Woodpeckers ,Wattle-eyes ,Drongos ,Cuckoo shrikes ,African barbets ,Hawks ,Heron ,egrets ,bitterns ,Buttonquails ,Jacanas ,Flamingos ,Pigeon and doves ,Bustards ,Turacos ,Cuckoos ,Swift, Anhinga ,Rail ,Fluff tails ,Sandgrouse ,New World quail ,grouse ,allies ,geese ,Monarch flycatchers ,shrikes ,Crows ,Jays ,Tits ,Chickadees ,Old world orioles ,Honeyguides ,eagles ,Hamerkop ,Pelican ,Waxbills and allies ,larks ,Bee-eater ,Osprey ,Roller ,African barbet ,Barn-owls, Secretary bird ,shoebill ,storks ,Guinea fowl ,Owl, Oystercatchers ,Buttonquails ,Cormorants and shags ,coots, gallinules ,Ibises and spoonbills ,Fairy flycatcher ,White-eyes ,Leaf warblers, Mouse birds among others.

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