Birding in Lake Mburo

Birding in Lake Mburo

Birding in Lake Mburo

Birding in Lake Mburo: Lake Mburo is a national park located I. The western part of Uganda and the nearest from Kampala Uganda’s capital city covering an area of three hundred and seventy kilometers squared, the park is the smallest Savannah park in the country.

Lake Mburo boasts with very rich diversity of rolling hills, woodlands, forests, seasonal and permanent swamps, lakes, Savannah vegetation and stiking landscapes.

Lake Mburo national park is also the only national park in Uganda where tourists can go for horseback riding safaris an intermingle with zebras during horse rides, the park has the highest number of zebras compared to all other Ugandan national parks with spectacular sunsets lake mburo national park has a lot to offer making it a destination or a stop over would complete your stay in Africa.

Uganda is the best birding destination in the whole world with over one thousand bird species found in the country.

Lake Mburo National park boasts with over 350 bird species both Migratory and residential birds some of the birds found in this national park are; red papyrus gonalek, black papyrus gonalek, and yellow papyrus gonalek found in the papyrus swamp areas, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fishing eagle, saddle billed stork, white winged warbler, papyrus yellow warbler, brown chested wattled plover, African fin foot, Grey crowned crane, black-billied bustard, bare faced go away bird, rufous-billied heron,cocui francolin, emerald spotted wood, red-faced barbet among many other species you can wake up to the singing of birds and whispers of the wild early mornings.

The best time for bird watching is in the morning and evenings and the best places to watch birds from are; Rubanga forest, valleys of miriti, warukiri and in the evenings at the salt lick. Apart from bird watching tourists can engage in any other activities in Lake Mburo National park.

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