Hiking and Nature Walks

Location of Lake Mburo

Hiking and Nature Walks

Hiking and Nature Walks : Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest national park located in the western part of the country, the park is named after a man who was called “Mburo”, he had an elder brother named Kigarama and both lived in the valley.

It’s believed that one day Kigarama had a dream when it was flooding and their home was washed away, so he migrated but his brother refused because he had planted his crops in the valley.

Kigaramas​ dream came true it rained and floods washed away Mburo and his crops but Kigarama was on the hills he named the placed where water stagnated as Mburowhich is now Lake Mburoand  the hill he was at is now named Kigarama.

This are the ancient stories you will be told during your hiking and nature guided walks in Lake Mburo and many more of your questions will be answered by a knowledgeable tourist guide.

Lake Mburo is an ideal place to do nature guided walks due to the absence of lions and elephants the whole area is free for walking safaris all you need is a game ranger guide to take you through the splendid Africa wilderness.

The salt lick is also one of the best places to take a nature walk and see therein many wildlife the walks always take about two hours and the best time to do a nature walk is in the morning hours as you can encounter hippos returning to water after grazing on land at night and hyenas returning to their dens.

Nine of the fourteen magnificent lakes of lake Mburo can be seen when hiking on top of a hill the views are so striking and unforgettable indeed. Rubanga forest is also an ideal place to take a nature guided walk and birders paradise forest birds and mammals can be seen at the woodlands animals often seen on nature walks are zebras, topi, impalas, warthogs, buffalos and many more.

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