Lake Mburo national park rates

Lake Mburo national park rates

Lake Mburo national park rates : Lake Mburo national park is one the most serene tourist destinations in Uganda situated in the western region, this amazing destination is situated very close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda along Kampala- mbarara route.

Lake Mburo national park as a top habitant for various wildlife species such as zebra, giraffes,  impala, topi, eland, bush buck, buffalo, warthog, leopard, hyena and jackal and many more, these beautiful wildlife makes Lake Mburo national park to be known offering the best game drive experience as these animals are spotted. The park is also a habitant for many bird species such as rare shoebill stork , African finfoot,  brown chested wattled plover, carruther’s cisticola, tabora cisticola, saddle billed stork, great snipe, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagle, saddle billed stork papyrus yellow warbler and white winged warbler.

Park entry rates

These fees are charged to any individual accessing lake Mburo national park and they are paid as permit to allow you enter the park.

AdultsForeign non-residentsUS$ 40
Foreign residentsUS$ 30
East African residentsUGx 20,000
ChildrenForeign non residentsUS$ 20
Foreign residentsUS$ 10
East African residentsUGx 5,000

Education institution and student rates

Some tourists visit Lake Mburo national park for both touring and education purposes, these group of people include students, representatives’ from recognized education institutions like universities, secondary and primary schools

East African studentsStudents/ pupilsUGx 3,000
University studentsUGx 5,000
East African wildlife clubsUGx 2,000
Student groupsUGx 3,000
Tertiary institutionsUGx 5,000

 Annual park entrance rates

Annual park entrance rates are paid on the annual basis and allow tourists access the park throughout the year, they are paid accordingly as individuals, groups and family with no more than 4 individuals.

IndividualsInternational visitorsUS$ 350
East AfricanUGx 15,000
GroupsInternational visitorsUS$ 500
East AfricanUGx 200,000
Family with not more than 4 individualsUGx 300,000

Cooperate park rates

These rates are paid by companies and organisations on annual basis allowing them to visit Lake Mburo national park, cooperates pay a rate of 2, 5000,000 UGx.

Tour operator rates 

These rates are paid by tour and safari companies and organisations offering services to tourists, services like touring the park, these charges are also paid on annual basis.

 Tour operators –125,000 UGx

Driver rates

Driver rates are for drivers who transport tourists to the park, drivers belonging to companies do not pay any fee.

Taxi drives belonging to no travel company pay a rate of 100,000 UGx

Vehicle park entry rates

These rates are paid by vehicles accessing the park, these rates were drafted according to the type of the vehicle or vessel.

MotorcyclesInternationalUS$ 30
East AfricanUGx 10,000
Mini busesInternationalUS$ 50
East AfricanUGx 30,000
Tour company vehicleInternationalUS$ 120
East AfricanUGx 30,000
Pickups and 4WDInternationalUS$ 50
East AfricanUGx 30,000


Saloon carsEast AfricanUGx 20,000
SUVs and 4X4 WDSEast AfricanUGx 30,000

Activity rates

Activities in Lake Mburo national park are charged and these rates are drafted according to the status of the tourist.

GAME DRIVEDAYUS $ 20US $ 20 UGx 20,000
NIGHTUS $ 30US $ 30 UGx 50,000
Nature walkUS $ 30US $ 15 UGx 10,000
Boat rideBig boatUS $ 30US $ 30 UGx 30,000
Small boatUS $ 20US $ 20 UGx 20,000
CyclingUS $ 30US $ 30UGx 30,000

These rates are for an individual

 Lake Mburo national park also offers horse backing riding safari but the fact that this activity is not operated by the Uganda wildlife authority, its rates were drafted by a private institute. Horseback riding in Lake Mburo national park is administered and operated by Mihingo lodge, Mihingo lodge does not operate this activity but also responsible for drafting rates paid by tourists to access and participate this breathtaking activity. Horseback riding rates were drafted basing on status of the tourists that is resident and non-resident, resident tourists are tourists sleeping at Mihingo lodge while on the safari and non- residents are tourists sleeping at any lodge but not Mihingo lodges. Rates for horseback riding also depend on the duration of time you are going to spend on the horse ride.

These rates are as follows



1 hourUS $ 25
2 hoursUS $ 70
3 hoursUS $ 90
4 hoursUS $ 100


30 minutes (1/2) hourUS $ 40
1 hoursUS $ 60
2 hoursUS $ 110
3 hoursUS $ 130

When you are thinking of a safari in Uganda and Africa at large, considering Lake Mburo national park is a very safe a perfect decision as the park offers many breathtaking activities at very affordable rates.

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