Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines

Uganda airlines; Uganda is one the best countries that are found in East Africa and the country has got a rapidly growing economic sector in all aspects. Uganda’s capital city is Kampala. The country has got good and peaceful people and is headed by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president.

Uganda Airlines was established in the month of May in the year 1976 and it started operations in the year 1977 since it had a good and strong management. It’s headquarters were located in Entebbe, wakiso district ,

Uganda Airlines operated in Entebbe international airport and it later ceased its operation in May 2001 due to certain reasons. It’s original slogan was ‘The Flying Crane‘ and this was used in the year of 1986.

Uganda airlines was founded as a subsidiary to the government owned Uganda Development Corporation and in May 1976 as a replacement of the services previously operated by East Africa Airway. It later commenced operations in 1977 when  Uganda Aviation Services was setup by the British United Airway in 1965.

Uganda Development Corporation was absorbed by Uganda Airlines taking over the Uganda Aviation Services routes network. Following delivery of the first Boeing 707-320C in the 1970’s, this lead to the creation of new routes to Brussels, London and Rome were in a guaranteed. A second Boeing 707-320C, also entered the fleet in the year of 1981 and also a new routes to Cairo, Cologne and to Dubai were also launched.

Uganda airlines in the 1990s, was found to be in a dedicated cash position of mismanagement. The government planned to privatise the department in account to, seeking for investors to keep the company a float, but according to the rapidly changing environment in terms of economy, a call for the revival of this once ceased Uganda airlines.

Uganda a landlocked country in East Africa, has been without a national airline from the year of 2001 which has been a big challenge to the rampant development of Uganda.

Uganda airlines has been a privately owned airline from up to between the years of 2007 and 2014. This forced the cabinet of Uganda to call upon the launching of the airlines and it’s come back was to be followed with the unique jets to handle the effective existence of the Uganda airlines. The board that is concerned with aviation in Uganda decided to make the comeback of the airlines with a great number of six brand new jets and two of these will only be wide body, long range of A330-800 and the other four jets would be CRJ900 aircraft. This called for different studies and these recommended equity investments by the government of Uganda and this was approximately USD 70 million and was totaling up to an amount of about USD 330 million. This was to be borrowed from the regional lenders such as the trade and development bank to complete all the purchases that were all concerned with the great come back of our unique airlines that can not be found in any other country but only the great recognized Pearl of Africa. That is the land full of nature and wildlife which is none other than but the country of peaceful people that is Uganda.

In May 2018, the East Africa Community made a report that the Ugandan government had also made a small monetary deposit on each of the great six aircrafts but while it concludes that final financing arrangements, the first batch of the CRJ900 aircraft are expected in November 2018.

Delivery of the A330-800 Planes is expected in the month of December 2020. In April 2019 two bombardier CRJ900 jets were introduced in Uganda and this was a great come back to the nation of Uganda. The hopes of the air and skies of Uganda were lifted up and stirred up due to the come back of air transportation in Uganda that is meant to solve all the problems of Uganda’s economy. In terms of it being accessed at any time from different areas of the whole world, and also a planned fleet of the Uganda airlines was already laid down in order to ensure effectiveness of its come back.

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