Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park

Wildlife in lake mburo national park

Wildlife is lake mburo is very vast and widely spread out in the Savannah’s of the park. The animals are so easy to be spotted and located.

Lake Mburo National park is the smallest of all Uganda ‘s Savannah National parks and is underlined by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back. The park is located in a wonderful district of Kiruhura district and takes approximately four or four and half hours to arrive to the park .

Wildlife in this park is very unique from all other national parks in Uganda. Although the park is small in size but all its grounds are being filled with great wildlife. Lake mburo national park has got several types of antelopes for example the topi, duiker, oribi, bohor reedbuck and wip springer. The most unique thing in this park is that it does not inhabit elephants. However there big number of herds of buffalo and these are quite commonly seen in Lake Mburo national park. The park also has Rothschild’s giraffes that have been initiated recently. The area of the park is also a habitat to leopards however there mostly seen at night.

There are beautiful lakes to visit where the crocodiles and hippos are seen enjoying the sun bath and the cool wind currents that are blowing towards them on the shores during the boat cruise.

Seasonal changes also affects the number and type of wildlife to be viewed and interacted with in our visit at lake Mburo national. During  the dry seasons from June to August and December to February, all animals in the park gather around rivers and water holes. However during the wet season which is from March to may and September to November,  large numbers can be seen in open valleys to receive cool breezes and for their bodies to cool and be able to escape the harsh bad weather conditions.

Wildlife in Lake mburo national park includes over 350 birds species that are found in this area and this makes the park a better place for bird watching. The bird species includes the rare shoe bill stork and African finfoot, pelican, heron and many more.

The park has got a variety of mammals which are approximately 68 mammal  species. Wildlife in Lake mburo national park include zebras, impala, Buffaloes, giraffes, impalas and many more are also seen in the park moving around the premises of the park.

Lake Mburo national park is one of the national parks where one can see the eland, impala, waterbucks, Topis ,Oribs, and many more antelopes, leopards, Hyenas and more.

Lake Mburo National park has got only two species of primates that includes vervet monkey and baboons but still these have influenced and caused an impact to the growth of wildlife in lake mburo national park, and still due to the existence of wetlands in the park inhabits buffalos, warthog, bush pig, hippos and sitatunga.

Wildlife in lake mburo national park has also got predators that are not friendly to all other kinds of animals and these predators includes leopards and the most spotted hyena and it also has the mid sized predators which includes side-striped jackal,  white tailed mongooses and still there exists aquatic predators and these include the three species of otters and the mighty African crocodile are all found in lake mburo national park. They bring out the meaning of wildlife in lake mburo national park and proving all the unique words mentioned above .

Lake mburo national park is one of most popular national parks in the world  supporting  wildlife .

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