Wildlife in Kibale National Park Uganda 

Wildlife in Kibale National Park Uganda 

Wildlife in Kibale National Park

Wildlife in Kibale National Park: The chimpanzee community tour by trackers in Kibale forest National Park is the most habituated experience done on Uganda primate’s safari and sights can be perfect and rewarding. Note, Kibale national park is renowned to host a highest diversity of primates in Africa with over 13 species but of all Chimpanzees are the most spotted species here, our closest relatives. However, Kibale national park is proud of harboring the highest population of endangered chimpanzees with over 1500 individuals that represents Uganda as the best safari destination in Africa to encounter these species. Kibale forest is also home to East Africa’s largest population of the threatened red colobus. Other small primate’s species encounter here include black and white colobus, red tailed and blue monkeys, olive baboon, grey-cheeked mangabey, pottos and bush baby among others.

Other Wildlife

The park harbors with 70 mammal species though ground dwelling animals are difficult to see in dense. There are huge number of about 500 elephants which are present along with warthogs, buffaloes, leopards, bush pigs, golden cats and duikers. A keen observer may be able to see reptiles and amphibians as well as different variety of beautiful butterflies with over 250 species.

Bird Life

Kibale national park truly a birding haven with more than 375 bird species ,park’s specials include Green breasted Pitta ,African Pitta,Afep pigeon ,White-napped Pigeon, Crowned Eagle ,Red-chested Owlet, Yellow rumped Tinker bird ,Western Nicator ,Little Greenbul ,Blue-breasted kingfisher ,African Grey parrot ,Scaly-breasted Illadopsis ,Brown Illadopsis ,Abyssinian Ground thrush, Little Green Bull ,Black-eared Ground thrush, Black capped Apalis ,Collared Apalis, Blue-headed Sunbird ,Dusky Crimson wing ,Purple-breasted Sunbird, Red faced Woodland ,Yellow spotted Nicator mentioned but few.

Kibale national park is located in western Uganda in the district of Kabarole and lies few kilometers away from beautiful town of fort portal about 20 kilometers and 24 kilometers East of the pristine Rwenzori mountains. The park covers an area of about 795 square kilometers. Kibale national park is part of the vast Kibale conservation area which consists of Semliki national park, Semliki-Tooro wildlife reserve and Katonga wildlife reserves. As we combine all these vast conservation areas brings out enough evidence to illustrate a true nature of Kibale national park.

The park lies on an elevation of about 1590meter above sea level on its highest altitude point and 1100meter at lowest elevation above the sea level. The different elevation levels within the Kibale national park premises consists of ecosystems which harbor a wide range of wildlife species in the park for example forests, swamps, savannah grassland and shrubs many more.

Chimpanzee tracking is the best done activity in Kibale national park that involves in hiking through the forest trail head while accompanied with tour guide who leads you from where they were located the day before your tracking day. As you’re busy tracking, you can have another chance of spotting other primates such as black and white monkeys, red tailed monkeys, bird species and the nature is rewarding. Once you locate them, you will be given one hour to spend with them as you observe their way of lifestyle, take photos for your memorable life time experience. Chimpanzee tracking experience half day cost USD 200 per person.  

Kibale national park is the only safari destination where you can enjoy a full day activity of Chimpanzee habituation experience which is the best way you learn the amazing lifestyle of these species, done with few people only 4 in number being accompanied by the researchers who will give you the right information about these great apes. Kibale Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ cost USD250 per person per day. 

Wildlife in Kibale National Park Uganda 
Wildlife in Kibale National Park Uganda

Best Time for Wildlife viewing 

Kibale wildlife viewing can be done throughout year but the best and rewarding season of the year to enjoy Chimpanzee tracking in their nature inhabits are the dry seasons which starts from June to July and December to February when the forest trail heads are not slippery and the roads to the park are passable. But heavy rainfall tends to fall between May to April and October to November within this period there can be difficult in walking in forest trails and overall experience might be compromised. Though accommodation rates during wet season can be lower compared to peak season. 

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