Cultural Visits

Cultural Visits

Cultural visits in uganda are simply tours that are carried out around the historical ground of Uganda and these visits are carried out in different parts of the country.

Uganda is the best destination for cultural visits and the Uganda cultural tour will take you through the most historical sites of the country that can really review the real culture of Ugandans. Some of the places that are widely paid a visit to during this activity are well recognized as listed below,

Uganda has a rich culture with diverse regions, great amazing experiences  that can unwind and relax you as you see people dance & enjoy traditional stories. There are famous visited cultures in Uganda including the Karamojong, Batwa pygmies, Acholi and Ankole culture. However the Batwa Pygmy culture is the most visited in Uganda, which inhabit the Mgahinga and Bwindi national park edges.

A gorilla trek experience, one can choose to add Batwa trail experience in both Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable National park.

During the Cultural visits in Uganda you will have a chance to visit the local communities in order to discover the amazing cultures including the Batwa pygmies and Karamojong people. Batwa people lived as hunters and gatherers and it’s the best experience to look forward to be visited.

Ik people are found in the northern part of Uganda near the Kidepo valley National park. As you visit the park, you will be in position to see the IK people with their amazing cultural norms.

The Bahai Temple is the only standing temple in Africa for the Baha’i faith, and because of its overwhelming stunning architecture, it is worth touring. It has well maintained gardens that cover more than 30 hectares and is found on the peak of kikaya hill in the capital city of Uganda Kampala.

Uganda cultural tour will again take you through one of the most respectable and historical sites that will display the original and true behaviours of Ugandans. You will not have a cultural tour without visiting the Kabaka’s lake. This lake belongs to the King of Buganda kingdom and is located close to Mengo Hill.

The lake which covers  a five acre land on the outer edge of Kampala was established during the rule of Kabaka Mwanga way back in the 80’s and he did this basically for his own enjoyment. Since he loved swimming as well as fishing. More significantly he wanted to connect this lake to Lake Victoria using a channel which would also act as an escape corridor; unfortunately he was unable to achieve his big dream of doing it. Today this lake is inhabiting various types of bird species and also is accepted as a significant conservation place.

Also you can not leave Uganda without paying a visit to the King’s palace at Bulange Mengo, where all the big questions of the Ugandan will be answered starting with where they came from. The Lubiri is the palace of Buganda kingdom’s king. It was constructed in the year of 1885 and covers an area of approximately 4 square miles. Right opposite of the palace in Bulange, parliament building of Buganda kingdom and the entrance to this place is free although you must tip the guide for taking you through the big history of the Ugandans. All questions are answered in this marvelous place because the big history of Ugandans and the tales of their forefathers is found in this place with real proof, the way Ugandans eat, dress, sit is found in this place.

Cultural visits will help you reveal the real character about a certain type of people you want to know more about.

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