Places to Visit in Uganda

Places to visit in Uganda

Places to Visit in Uganda

Places to Visit in Uganda; Uganda is a well known landlocked country, and is one of the most popular East African countries simply because of its rapidly growing economic system. Uganda is having a president that is very famous across the East African countries because he is also leading a well famous country. The president of Uganda is known as H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

The country is great and it has also got a huge and great interesting story that is behind it’s growth and development. This being a big and famous country, it has got a capital city which is concerned as the center of this country where the hidden treasures of this great country of Uganda can be found and all the questions that you had concerning the country.

The country is totally filled with a variety of places to visit and all of them have got unique features and these make you have the greatest memories in Uganda that you have never had in other place in the whole world.

Uganda’s features, landscape, culture, historical sites all when added together form the most strongest country in the whole world. Also uganda is a landlocked country.

If you are traveling to Uganda for the first time you may also be hard pressed to decide which one of the places to visit that are the best to explore and also refresh by being part of nature.

We have compiled a list of the most beautiful and wonderful places to visit in Uganda;

Murchison falls national park being the largest national park has also been able to become of the places to visit in Uganda and whether you visit by a boat cruise on the River Nile or a safari tours be sure not to miss Murchison falls national park in Uganda. In this place you will witness enormous waters bursting through a narrow gorge before crashing in powerful, roaring cascades. While you are visiting this place, the breathing taking sight with clean and natural air that is all over this place will fascinate you. You may also want to explore the surrounding protected area of Murchison falls national park conservation area to spot some of the best and famous leading Africa’s icons of the jungle and these includes the great African lions, the elephant, the mighty leopard and also accompanied with the giraffes and many more;

The second on this list is none other than, Lake Victoria. If you want to experience the true heart of Uganda just take a visit to Lake Victoria and the story begins with lake Victoria which is the birthplace of the famous River Nile river. Not only is it the Africa’s largest lake and also the world’s largest tropical lake but, lake Victoria also boasts one of the world’s largest  freshwater lakes ecosystem  .

There is so much natural beauty and wildlife to see in the premises of lake Victoria like the scenic good views to the islands, branches, fishing boats, and also various birds and also accompanied with the various wildlife species that are found in lake Victoria that will remove you from the world of virtual reality to the real and existing features of nature in Lake Victoria.

Among the places to visit in Uganda is jinja where we find the start of the River Nile. You may also want to check out jinja the well known city that was also nickname the colonial town and it is positioned at the start of the Nile river. It is also regarded as East Africa’s adrenaline capital, so not only can you view where the world’s longest and most historical river begins from but, also get your blood pumping with activities like the white waters rafting, mountain biking, quad biking and kayaking.

One of the unique places to visit in Uganda is the Ssese islands. This is a major tourist attraction in Uganda and these great islands are found in Entebbe. It is a group of about 84 islands dotted along the north west shores of lake Victoria. Each island differs from the other in terms of size, shapes and beautiful scenery. It is also a good and most perfect place to view the most unique chimpanzees and also this can be accompanied with walks on Sandy beaches, and also enjoy horseback as interact with the Bantu people that are found in this nice and beautiful precious grounds of Ssese island. While at this place you will be amazed by the pure and clean and natural cool winds that are blowing from east to west and it’s very hard to predict where the nice winds are coming from.

Other places to visit include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Kasubi Tombs, Ssese Islands, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Mount Muhabura, Kyambura Game Reserve, Uganda Museum, Lake Mutanda,Mabira Forest, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre, Chimpanzee Island, Uganda National Mosque, Mount Speke ,Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Namugongo, Ndere Cultural Centre, Katara Lodge, Mount Baker, Source of the Nile, Rubaga Cathedral, Namirembe, Kabaka’s Palace, Bwindi forest National Park, Namirembe Cathedral, Owen Falls Dam, Mount Moroto, Mount Morungole, Kabaka’s Lake ,Lake Mburo, Kazinga, Bulago Island, Zika Forest, Acacia Mall, Mengo, Ripon Falls, Igongo Cultural Centre, Lake Katwe and Owino Market.

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