Facts about Lake Mburo National Park.

Facts about Lake Mburo National Park

Facts about Lake Mburo National Park.

Facts about Lake mburo national park all avail in the beautiful and wonderful appearance of the nature that is found in this national park. Since the word facts has a great meaning that is referred to as a particular situation that exists or to emphasize on something, also  lake mburo has not let down the strong meaning of the word facts. Lake Mburo is the smallest game park in Uganda covering an area of 260 square kilometers and the park has got a magnificent varying elevation which is between 1220 m-1828 m above sea level. The park can be accessed by the mbarara-masaka highway which takes a duration of about 3.5 hours from the mighty Kampala city and a total distance of 240 kilometers is taken to access the park.

Lake mburo national park is a rich park full of different wonders. This is created as a result of the dry and rocky environment in the west and wetlands in the East making the park to have a favorable environment that can allow the ingoing activities to occur and keep the animals in good state, the park has mighty  creeks which are 50 kilometers high and canals that connect the 13 lakes that are found in this area 5 of which lie between the boundaries of the park with lake mburo the largest of all.

Lake mburo national park has a variety of entrances that are referred to as gates that one can use to access and enter the land filled with nature and green, one of the gates that can be used to access lake mburo national park include the Nshara gate and the Sanga gate although all of them take you to the same destination but have got varying distances from Kampala for accessing them due to there locations where they were constructed. Nshara gate is about  48 kilometers from Kampala while Sanga gate is 12 kilometers making sanga more favorable  to use.

Lake mburo national park has great nice looking landscapes that intend to attract more visitors to come and see them. These landscapes include the rolling hills, golden Savannah,  ancient rocks,  5 lakes with in the largest Lake called lake mburo.

Another of the facts about Lake Mburo National Park is that the park is surrounded with 14 blue pure lakes that provide it with the pure winds from these lakes making it more able to harbour the  lives of animals and keeping the green plants in there good state. The Savannah in the west is transerved by rocky ridges and frosted gorges and the eastern part covers almost 20% of the park with long lakes and creeks with patches of good quality papyrus and riparian shrubs that aline on the open blue pure water. The Savannah was open and free in the past but now it’s covered by shrubs and low forest which came as a result of lack of elephants that would have eaten the vegetation in the Savannah hence making it closed and full of shrubs. This made it to be a habitat of dangerous animals known as predators that attack and kill the visitors flopping in Lake mburo national game park.

Lake Mburo national park is covered with small patches of full grown tropical forests on the west of lake mburo an implication that it has semi humid tropical forest with closed canopy are these are good habitats of animals.  Lake mburo national park is one of the three parks with burchell’s zebra and also the only park with impala it is also unique because it has only two species of monkeys that includes vervet monkey and the wonderful baboons that are seen in the beautiful trees of the park having fun and enjoying the environment of the park .

Lake Mburo national park has got a variety of animals but in these there are also animals that are not friendly to people and their fellow animals and these are given a special and unique name of predators. In Lake mburo national park there both aquatic and land predators and these animals are most likely to put the lives of tourists in danger although the park has got an experienced commit and well trained to protect people and prevent animals from attacking them.

Some of the land predators that are expected to be seen in Lake mburo National Park include, the spotted hyena, and we also have the mid sized predators and those are, side-striped jackal, white tailed mongoose. Also the a aquatic predators include the mighty African crocodile that has no negotiations when it comes hand in hand with a human being orany living fresh. The three species of otters and many more that are found in beautiful and nice looking blue waters of lake mburo national park. Due to the existence of such animals the park guides have been given strong training on how to protect no only there lives but also that of the visitors in order for the park to have a good record.

Other facts of lake mburo national park are that Lake mburo has a range of activities and in these we have the horse riding and the walk safari where tourists get a chance to get close to the animals and learn more about them but one of the best activity is well known as the bird watching due to the presence a variety of different  species of birds that are about 350+. The park is a good place for the activity of bird watching to take place and different birds are being involved in this activity and these include forest and Savannah birds. For example pigeons that are grey and white with short legs these are able to live in the because of the presence of the dry woods in the park resulting from the dry and rocky environment that is found in the park. Also the harrier hawk which is one of the prey that is found in the skies of the park. It kills other creatures for food. We also have the grey backed camaroptera, double -toothed barbet, narina trogon. Always whichever way you decide to take nature speaks more than science because it’s gave birth to science

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