Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22

Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22

Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22

Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22: This is the question to most of travellers who are life adventurous, asking themselves on how to start a plan of booking Uganda safari in the midst of this pandemic of Covid 19. Note that, you just need help to start your Africa Safari to Uganda with a trust worthy tour operators, if you don’t mind you can start a conversation with us and let’s plan your safari trip of a life time adventure.

In general, Uganda is safe for travel and below is meant for visitors exploring a post-pandemic World. Uganda guides can give out everything about coronavirus in the country and what travellers should keep in mind in order to be safe. It’s a great pleasure to help you make that decision to visit Uganda soon.

Travel Restrictions in Uganda 

According to Uganda travel restrictions the international travel was lifted on October 1,2020 both inbound and outbound traffic at Uganda Entebbe International Airport and all boarders across the country is back to normal with tight restrictions to follow for coronavirus infection.

For other East African countries ‘’Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda their international travel were opened since August 1,2020.

However, opening of Entebbe International Airport was watched closely with airport authorities   thus allowing only a single flight per carrier except for the national carrier ‘’Uganda Airlines ‘’could fly three times a day.

In fact, people have begun to book and take leisure trips across the world, domestically, the travel which were ban was lifted again in August with strict regulations and the locals are back to encounter in their country’s beauty. Has we talk, domestic tourism has wakened with good numbers of visitors visiting the wildlife reserves including the primate parks.

Due to this coronavirus pandemic which has shaken the entire world among those countries which has suffered a lot in Covid 19 circumstance, Uganda is far apart, it has been recognised as one of the top countries around the world to have suppressed the Coronavirus pandemic hopefully.

Uganda has a Covid death rate of below 1%   which sounds as a lucky economy according to international observers. The MoH have played a great role of keeping Coronavirus patient alive with about 98% cumulative patient recovery rate. For more information, please check on statistic https:// htmI 

Uganda Local Restriction 

Table of Contents;

Local Restrictions

Uganda Covid-19 Travel Entry Requirements

Wildlife National Parks & Reserves Restrictions

Below are the Local restrictions which were made as follows;

Public transport operators are expected to provide sanitization, passengers must be putting on masks and seating is limited to half regular capacity.

Passengers are required to wear face masks and seating is half limited.

Churches and religious gathers restricted to only 70 people per gatherings.

Night clubs, weddings with large gatherings have been prohibited.

Public transportation has been allowed up with compulsory wearing of mask and public vehicles such as minibuses, buses, ferries currying at half capacity of passengers.

Night curfew imposed nationally from 21:00-06:00 

Social distancing as a must for everyone.

Uganda Covid-19 –Travel Entry Requirements

Procedures like health screening have been put in place at the Airports and other ports of entry including face mask wearing, sanitisation, temperature screening and physical distancing. 

If tested with Coronavirus symptoms, you will be isolated and taken for designation treatment in the hospital.

The body that is managing to fight the Covid19 in the country known as ‘’MoH’ ’Emergency Operations Centre, you can call them through their hotline; ‘’+256’’0800 203 033 ,0800-100-066 0r 0800-303-033. On arrival, tourists and business visitors will have to present in a negative PCR COVID -19 test noted no more than 72 hours before their arrival into Uganda.

Outbound travellers will also be requested to take a certificate PCR Covid -19 test no more than 72 hours before departure. If you don’t have one, you’re recommended to take one at hospital in Entebbe or Kampala before your flight at your cost USD26 only.

Here are the number of hospitals that offers PCR COVID -19 test in Uganda and these include; Mulago National Referral, Makerere University Hospital, Lancet Laboratories ‘’041 -4341621’’, MBN Laboratories ‘’0700-533-954’’, Nakasero Hospital ‘’0312 531400’’, Ruby Medical Centre ‘’0800 833 111’’Kampala Hospital ‘’0312 563400’’, Case clinic ‘’0312 250 700’’among others. On your arrival at the Airport, your driver will have to drive you directly to your place of stay in order not to mix together with Ugandans. 

There is no requirement to self-isolate sanitization all the time, physical distancing and facemask are compulsory to keep you safe and healthy while travelling in Uganda. Over 14 days self-isolated will not be allowed.

Ugandans returning home must have negative COVID-19 test to allow them to go straight to their homes.

Travelers who will arrive at the Airport late will not be affected, if they carry their documents for proof of travel. Security operatives have been informed to let visitors through within curfew hours.

N.B We recommend you to keep your ear open because these travel restrictions might change any time from now.

Uganda’s National Parks and Reserves Restrictions 

All Uganda’s national parks and Reserves have been opened for tourism such as primate’s parks, Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga and Kibale National parks are open to tourism with strict Uganda wildlife Authority ‘’SOPs’’ to protect the primates from catching the Coronavirus.

Note, primates like great mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees are said to have 98% human genes and can easily be susceptible to human diseases. So it’s good to keep our precious great apes free from this pandemic.

All the tourism activities within the protected areas are undertaken in manner that ensures all guidelines by the Ministry of Health and the directives by His Excellency the president as ‘’stated by UWA said’’.

 Below are the statements, UWA also points out that;

Wearing of masks is mandatory for all travellers in the park.

Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22
Is Uganda Safe for Safari 2020 -22

There will be temperature screening using non –contact infra-red thermometers at the key tourism gates of the different protected areas. 

Government guidelines of carrying half capacity is to observe social distance that apply to use of vehicles and boats in the parks, like saloon cars will not be allowed in the park.

Tourists are mandatory to hand washing or sanitizing at the entrances of all UWA premises and protected areas.

Staff on duty shall sensitize all the visitors on the general government approved COVID -19 operational guidelines like the ones developed and approved by UWA management.

The staffs are provided with appropriated wear to protect them and the visitors from any possible infection.

The above mentioned guidelines points out a true information about Uganda’s Safari safety, book now to start your plan of visiting Uganda safaris ,a destination full of fabulous tourist attraction that’s why is called the pearl of Africa.

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