Park Entry Fees

Park Entry Fees

Park Entry Fees to lake mburo park 

Park Entry Fees are those charges that are levied on travelers to access the national park and do the different activities. Lake mburo national park is located in one of the rapidly growing districts and that is Kiruhura district, near Mbarara town. Lake Mburo National park is conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the western part of Uganda and this park is the smallest among the Uganda’s Savannah national parks and in this, it covers an area of 260 square kilometers. It was originally Gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and it received its upgrade to a game reserve in 1963.

According to people’s thinking and ideologies, one may think on an open ground that  since the park is very small in size that means no park entry fees. Follow the detailed information on how the park entry fee is paid and how much is it.

Lake Mburo national park possesses only and only two well known gate entrances and those are the Sanga gate and the Nshara gate.  But in order to get to these gates it takes a different distance although all of them are paving way for you to one finally destination, Lake Mburo National park. When you are coming from kampala, when you reach the park premises using the Nshara gate it takes 48 kilometers. While using the Sanga gate for entry still from city Kampala it will only and only take you 12 kilometers . However the distance from Kampala to Lake Mburo National park it’s approximately 248 kilometers.

Since there was a big number of people coming into the park, there was a discussion by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to open up the new gate to ease the excess of entry to the park and making the activities of the park to run smoothly without any inconveniences.

The Uganda Wildlife board that is in charge of Lake Mburo National park came up with structures of the park entry fees. The vehicle entrance fee is charged 20,000 UGX for Ugandan registered saloon cars and 30,000 UGX for SUVs and 4x4wds.

In 2018 the fees structures were drawn the board as listed below in acknowledgement. First the Uganda wildlife clubs were meant to pay 2000 UGX,  Adults 20,000 UGX, Children 5000 UGX, Uganda pupils or students 3000 UGX and university student 5000 UGX.  

Adults  pay US $40 for foreigners, foreign residents 30 USD and 20,000 UGX for East African residents UGX, children foreigners 2 USD, foreign residents 10 USD, East African 5,000, student groups 3000 Uganda shillings, Tertiary institutions 5,000 Uganda shillings, Uganda wildlife clubs 2,000 Uganda shillings.

Annual park entrance passes pay individual 350 usd and East African residents 15,000 Uganda shillings, 500 US for international visitors and for East Africa was 200,000 UGX, family and with a maximum of four childrens were to pay 300,000 UGX, also the corporate passes were there and they were meant to pay 2,500,000 UGX,  taxi drivers 100000 UGX, Tour company driver, free of charge, tour operator are to pay 125000.

Lake mburo national park entrance fees for vehicles, boat, aircrafts, entry and landing fees: motorcycles pay 30 USD for international visitors and East African visitors were to pay 10000 UGX. Minibuses: Omni-buses were to pay 50$ for international and 30000 UGX for East Africa. Tour company Vehicle 120$ international and 30000 UGX for East Africa. Pickups and 4WD cars 50$ international and 30000 UGX for East Africa. All that and many more introduced at the entrance just to improvise an invisible force that can make all the activities of the park run smoothly without any problems concerning finance ideas, because the works of the place needed for conservation of nature of Lake mburo national .

Lake mburo national park entry fees have helped the region where the park is located to develop rapidly, in that 20 percent of the money collected at the entrance is used to developed the local area where lake mburo national is found. This is done by building clinics that can help to improve the life of the locals and also putting in place schools to improve on the education of the area, because we all know that education is the best and right key that will lead all people to success in the all world.

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