Size Of Lake Mburo National Park

Size of Lake Mburo National Park

Size Of Lake Mburo National Park

Size Of Lake Mburo National Park suggests that it is the smallest national park of Uganda due to the results that came out after examining its size through the measurements that were carried out on the place that brought a conclusion that the park is covering an area of 260 square kilometers which are approximately 100 square miles. But still due to that size, the park has got a variety of  campgrounds and permanent tent facilities for visitors although more and great good looking staff are found on these virgin grounds of lake mburo national park.

At a glance the size of Lake mburo national park is 370 kilometers squared and an attitude that is in the range of 1220 meters to 1828 meters above sea level.  The land is covered with wetlands, beautiful landscapes and also still the habitats in Lake mburo national park comprise of about 20% of the park’s surface. Lake mburo national park is underlined by the great ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which are dated back more than even 500 million years and these have made the park very strong and also impossible to break because of the strong foundation that it has, which comprises of the great strong rocks.

The size of lake mburo national park is taken up by many features and the nature of wildlife since the area was Gazetted for wildlife and due to this a it has a wide range of wild animals and among these, there are also those that make the park unique and different from all others and those are the burchell’s zebra.

Lake mburo national park is also surrounded by a range of beautiful and nice looking lakes. There are 14 lakes surrounding the park of which five them are found the boundaries of lake mburo national park, and above all lake mburo being the largest lake and all this will help to draw a picture of the size of lake mburo national park because good and knowledgeable words like this can explain to you more than even a picture can do. But still to supplement on the above there are very high creeks that are approximately 50 kilometers high and also canals that help to connect the great 13 lakes around lake mburo national park and form a good network of the water system.

Lake mburo national park has got only two gates/entrances that are leading one into the park and this came up due to its size. Since it’s the smallest national park it could handle more than one entrances because the land was not enough to handle them because the park has got a big range of things that need land and couldn’t be let down.  These entrances are Sanga and Nshara gates that are close distance from Kampala with Nshara being 48 kilometers from Kampala and Sanga 12 kilometers also from Kampala.

The small size of lake mburo national park has lead to the dividing of the park in the western and eastern part in order to compensate the land available.  The Savannah is transerved by a range of great Rocky Ridges, forested gorges and patches of papyrus swamps which are found taking over this part. Also narrow bands of lush and riparian woodlands are seen lining on the sides of the lakes.

The Eastern part of lake mburo national park takes up almost 20% and long lakes and creeks are spotted in this area of the park and still riparian shrubs in line to the open water of lake mburo national park. Mighty and Gorgeous landscapes are also seen covering the park of mburo and these include the rolling hills that improves in the sight of this place also the golden Savannah and the well known ancient rocks that make the geological science of this place unique from all other parks in Uganda all being influenced by the five lakes that are with in the largest lake and that is lake mburo which is found in the national park.

Also different lodging / accommodation companies have come up and taken part of the land in Lake mburo national park due to the high demand of accommodation that was in Lake mburo national park resulting from the high number of people flocking the park. Some of these companies that have made a name in Lake mburo national park include the mihingo safari lodge, Rwakobo rock lodge, Lake mburo luxury tented camp, Arcadia cottages, Rwonyo rest camp and all of these companies have got a favorable  cost that can be managed by all people that are coming to the park and provide good quality services to their customers and make them have a great memories with nature. This made lake mburo national park to have a great accolade and well known within and outside Uganda .

Lake mburo national park has got a variety of animals that are also found on its grounds and some of the animals that make the park unique. One should expect to come and see the wildlife like impalas and also the zebras. Lake mburo national park has got also got aquatic animals that are being part of the great nice looking blue lakes that are surrounding it. The size of something can not fully describe and explain what is capable of doing and hold, always look out of what is inside of you but never mind about of your size.

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