Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda: Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda compared to gorilla trekking is one of the biggest tourism activities that travelers flock Uganda to participate in. This activity is like gorilla trekking though the chimpanzees are the main wild species that are sought.

Uganda wildlife authority came up with an idea of chimpanzee trekking & for the few years that it was implemented, it has brought back the most glory of Uganda by making many people become living testimony of the nature of Uganda.

Uganda has many national parks and due to this different activities are able to be carried out in Uganda.

Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda is one of the good activities that will create an encounter with the chimpanzees.

The country has got almost over 1500 chimpanzees and in this the pearl of Africa is the best destination to see and interact with the above endangered species of chimpanzees.

For Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, one must know that as gorillas also chimpanzees share almost 99.8 percent of the human DNA hence the nickname of human ancestor due to the big study that was carried out on these creatures that are close relatives to the human beings.

Chimpanzees also possess human like characters in their social life and also responsibilities make them distinct from all other primates. Most of all, chimpanzee tracking is also considered as the second most done activities that are carried out in Uganda after the gorilla safaris in the rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park and also through the great Mgahinga gorilla national park that is found in the south western part of Uganda.

Travelers to be able to see chimpanzees are obliged to follow tracking rules and regulations which are implicated to make this activity more organized and unique from all other chimpanzee tracking that are being organized by other national parks in the world.

Rules and regulations include; keeping a distance of about seven meters when near the creatures; you should speak at a low tune, and one should also not litter any trash in the chimpanzees’ habitat for those that are mostly interested in chimpanzee tracking. Uganda has implicated different and many various chimpanzee destinations and these are well explained as below that are causing a big difference to this activity in Uganda .

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda in Kibale forest national park,  that is shared by Kamwenge and Kabale. Kibale national park has got mainly 13 chimpanzees that are found in the premises of this unique national park and they have been habituated for tracking.

The trek in kibale national park starts from Kanyanchu information center after a briefing that is concerned with chimpanzees tracking, and also kibale national park is a home of other mammals. In addition to that kibale offers the experience which will allow the travelers to spend extended time with their close relatives all travelers must have a valid permits to take part in chimpanzee tracking and this costs only 150 USD for foreigners who are the non residents.

Budongo forest is also one of them and is a good place for chimpanzee tracking and it’s situated in the largest national parks of Uganda i.e. Murchison falls national park and for those who have trekked chimpanzees before, budongo is ranked the second after kibale forest in offering memorable chimpanzee trekking experiences. A visit to Budongo forest for chimpanzees is not what you would wish to miss on your safari to Murchison falls national park.  A permit of chimpanzee tracking in Uganda costs 80 USD in high season and 75 USD in low season while East African residents pay 40 USD. It inhabits 45 tree species, 24 mammals, 290 butterflies, 140 species of months.

Kalinzu forest is also yet another place to see chimpanzees and is visited along with Queen Elizabeth national park. Kalinzu forest is comprising of over 414 tree species and also 378 bird species accompanied with 250 butterflies and along with 100 moths. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda from Kalinzu is also one the big activities that are carried out. Chimpanzee tracking is done at a cost of 40 USD hence this being the best option for budget travelers and also other places to see chimpanzees in Uganda include kagombe, ltwara, kashoha and kitoma.

Chimpanzees tracking in Uganda chimpanzees also live in rainforest which becomes muddy and slippery especially in the rainy seasons and therefore travelers are remained to drive in hiking boots for easy movement in area, and also carry hand gloves to grab on forest branches.

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