Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour

Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour

Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour

Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour: Despite the fact that many travelers tend to ask themselves why they are given one hour to spend with mountain gorillas in their nature habitats. The reason has to why gorilla trekking is one hour and not more than one-hour gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo because these are endangered species and there is a need to conserve them. Most of the potential travelers have always wondered why the government put restriction on such countries to only allow travelers to spend an hour with gorillas! The reason is that Gorilla trekking in Africa brings you more details as to why gorilla trekking is limited to an hour. This is also because the trekking time spend in the forest before you locate them is uncertain. Whereby travelers can spend between 30 minutes to 8 hours to meet gorillas in their nature habits /gorilla destination that is to say Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Congo. Note that gorilla trekking time depends on the location of gorillas, body fitness and moment spend with gorillas. The one hour given to travelers to spend with mountain gorilla trekking experience also applies to eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park in DR.Congo. However, mountain gorillas families living in low altitude areas are easy to locate compared to those in higher altitude areas. The one given to trekkers or travelers are expected to watch and learn their lifestyle, behaviors of gorillas, enjoy photo-taking, capture live videos as well as enjoying this magical encounter with their close relatives. Below are the reasons why gorilla trekking is restricted for an hour experience.

Mountain gorillas are endangered animals

In 2020 there is a record of 1025 individuals of mountain gorillas that are still surviving in the world and the number is increasing each year. And half of the world’s population of mountains live or survive in Bwindi impenetrable Forest /Mgahinga Gorilla Park situated in the south western part of Uganda, the rest live in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda and Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These three outstanding destinations are the only places where travelers can see mountain gorillas in the entire world. It is amazing that these endangered mountain gorillas share over 98% of human genes and is the reason why they are susceptible to easily get human communication diseases like flu, cold and cough, for this case, is the reason why ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority and Rwanda Tourism Board ‘’RTB’’ only allows one hour to spend with gorillas to an hour in order to reduce the time used to watch these unique mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas need to be conserved

In spite the fact that gorillas are endangered species, that’s the reason  why the government restrict trekking time to an hour for conservation purposes  Gorillas also behavior like we human being, in such a way that they also need free time to be alone in their respective nature inhabits with no any disturbance from people around them. To note, a crowd number of people around gorillas causes discomfort and stress to gorillas which might result in threatening and it is against conservation measures.

Allowing gorillas to do their route activity in peace.

Note that ,Gorillas live in different  families and they also have daily route work  to do just like in human family .To make travelers it is just amazing that also gorillas have a family like we human being and it is true  they compose members between 9 to 35 members and each member in the family has a different role to play in the family .An hour given for trekking ,is therefore to enable gorillas with enough time to perform their tasks with no disruption .Like adult female gorillas feel shy to breastfeed their babies in the presence of visitors and also to other gorilla family members .Another daily routine of gorilla involves in walking up early at 6:00 am to move for another destination looking for food .Their day involves in feeding ,playing and social interaction as a family is supposed to be. Evening time is the best interesting time to watch these gorillas as they build their nest high on tree branches to spend in their night.     

How can one spend more time with gorillas?

Travelers who prefer more time to spend with mountains gorillas have a chance to take part in the gorilla habituation experience .This is because habituated mountain gorillas are used to humans and in such matter tourists could be left to spend more hours like ‘’4hours’’ with them .This magical gorilla habituation experience can be done in Rushanga sector in south of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park where travelers can almost  spend a full day in the jungle with gorillas .The four hours given to trekkers is to observe learn and enjoy the lifestyle of mountain gorillas in their nature habits .The process of gorilla habituation experience is all about training wild gorillas in order to make them to stay close to human presence before they are declared free for trekking. For this matter ,travelers join a team of gorilla doctors ,researchers and conservationists training gorillas .This experience takes between 2 to 3 years and it is done on a daily basis without visitor until the gorillas are used to humans .Unlike in gorilla trekking experience ,there is a limited numbery of 8 people who visit  gorilla family has compared to six people who are allow to engage in gorilla habituation experience .Remember to any traveler visiting a gorilla destination you have to first buy your gorilla permits like for gorilla trekking experience it cost USD700 per person per day and gorilla habituation permits costs USD1500 per group per day but the experience is worth it.

Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour
Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour

Gorilla trekking Rules and Regulations

Apart from spending an hour with mountain gorillas, there is other gorilla trekking rules a traveler must notice before/follow. These rules and regulation of gorilla trekking are used in all countries where gorillas are found that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo;

  • Do not touch on gorillas because they can easily be affected by human diseases like flue, cough.
  • Travelers shouldn’t run when a gorilla charges.
  • You should stay in tight group.
  • Do not litter in the park
  • Avoid direct eye contact to gorillas
  • You should keep your voice at low
  • On your trekking day carry your valid gorilla permits
  • Flashlight cameras are not allowed to use.
  • You should keep a distance of 7 meters away from gorillas

An hour is given to travelers to spend with mountain gorillas, you should be keen, stay calm and keep a distance in order to utilize this incredible and unbeaten experiencing time with the endangered gorillas to avoid the risk of threatening while with gorillas. For travelers who want to visit gorilla safari to Uganda and Rwanda, please you can email us or contact Achieve global safaris for memorable safari Experience.

Reasons why Gorilla Trekking Lasts for one hour

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