Uganda Fishing Safaris

Uganda Fishing Safaris ; Fishing Safari in Uganda is one of the activity done on Uganda Safaris along the second largest lake in Africa ‘’Lake Victoria’’ that provides a great opportunity for hooking one of the world’s largest fresh water fish the Nile Perch and this is an activity to enjoy in the evening hours. There are different sessions offered half and full day excursions for catch and release of Nile Perch for over 15 years and our experience and knowledgeable skippers who have a good command of the English language.

There is a traditional fishing season which occurs all year round but avoiding full moon and the April –May rainy season.

Uganda Fishing Safaris
Uganda Fishing Safaris

Types of fish caught –Methods

That is Nile perch which can weight about 5 to 25 kilograms which can be caught through using hooks. Although they are occasions of heavier fish. Trolling with lures is the major method of fishing used.

What types of Boats used;

The most useful boat is the speedboat that measures between 18 and 30 foot, powered by twin outboard engines to support the boat. However, the boat is too big to support large seating capacity but cater for a maximum of four people fishing at any one time.

There is also canoe boat which is powered by an outboard engine are available for smaller groups of 2 to 3 fishermen for day trips.

Equipment’s and Facilities on board

The boats are equipped with an overhead sun canopy, rain suits and when the lake is rough they provide spray to clear water. They also provide life jackets, first aid box and fire extinguisher on board for your safety. You can buy drinks on board since they have cooler box for cold drink storage or carry your drink on board.

All equipment and lures for trolling for perch for up to 4 lines per boat being supplied but anglers you’re free to carry your own. Anything damaged need to be paid for before disembarkation. Lures are between USD20 to 25each if lost.

Meeting Point

In Murchison Falls national park fishers can meet at paraa as the main fishing point which can be done along Victoria Nile. If you choose to do fishing in Entebbe can meet at Banga Beach which provides safe parking and suitable jetty area from where we depart –return. Transport can be arranged to and from the jetty from local Entebbe and Kampala hotels which are reserved on request and for overnight tour groups.

Uganda Fishing Safari –Day Trips

Morning sessions begins around 9am and return around 12:30pm or 5:00pm with a full day being estimating 8 hours on the water and a half day around 4 hours. More about, fishing experiences in Uganda which can done around local inlets and islands estimating 30 to 45 minutes’ boat trip from Entebbe. At certain point of the year the lake can be very rough with large swells and we tend to utilize the sheltered bays for fishing. According to the free charged on board, visitors can be provided a picnic lunch boxes with a cool drink got from a cool contain. Drinks served include mineral water bottle, sodas and coffees.

About the guide

Uganda fishing Safaris is quite awesome life experience where you can be accompanied by the guides, like Fishing in Murchison Falls National Park can be guided by an expert guides and all this is done to ensure both visitors safety and this is the best way of becoming successful in Fishing. If you don’t carry your own items, you can hire them in the place visited and fishing guides are available along to provide help in order to ensure the smooth running of the trip. We only recommend one guide per three anglers.

However, fishing in Uganda can be conducted in different fishing destination and some of them include; Murchison Falls national park which can be reached within 5 to 6 hours’ drive from Kampala to main visited safari destination. We advise you to use 4 x4 vehicles which are comfortable and spacious thus including room for fishing equipment’s.

Uganda Fishing Safaris
Uganda Fishing Safaris

Visit Lake Mburo National Park; Lake Mburo is found inside the park which inhabits over six fish species and the most caught fish is Tilapia. The Mazinga is the specific point of view where people interested in fishing activity meet up to obtain a permits from the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Visit Sipi Area

This Sipi waterfall is so close to Mount Elgon National Park where fishing can be done though fishers face challenges of dealing with the rainbow fish together with its fishing skills. Fish caught here may weight up to kilograms. However, In Uganda fishing is specific in certain areas and there is no need for booking in advance.

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