Uganda Wildlife Authority Role – FAQs

Uganda Wildlife Authority Role – FAQs ; First all, Uganda Wildlife Authority’s important role –aim is to conserve, manage and regulate Uganda’s wildlife. More so, ‘UWA’’ was mandated to ensure sustainable management of wildlife resources and supervise wildlife activities in entire protected area in the country. Despite the fact, Uganda Wildlife Authority   is a government body that manages over 10 attractive National Parks ,12 Wildlife Reserves ,5 Community Wildlife Management Area and 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Uganda’s ten National parks includes; Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo National Park, Kibale Forest, Rwenzori Mountains, Mount Elgons, Semuliki, Mgahinga Gorilla and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, all these parks display the best sought after wildlife species some of them are unique mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, tree climbing lions and larger number elephants in East Africa. More then, they are inhabit of rift valley landscapes and tropical forests that makes dramatic backdrops to an extensive range of flora and fauna.

On visit to Uganda Safari, you can go explore the wild Kidepo Valley home to rare animal’s species, visit Queen Elizabeth National Park a home with diversity of wildlife species with around 95 animal species and more than 600 bird species ,however ,is renown worldwide because of the tree climbing lions ,go trek summit  of the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains and you can take a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable forest where you can be able to reach out to the world’s  unique mountain gorillas and also tour the ancient tribal traditions and crafts ,the lodge at the park gives you comfortable sights and sounds of Africa’s most hospitable destination among others.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Role - FAQs
Lake Mburo National park

Uganda reserves includes;

What is the work of the Uganda Wildlife Authority?

The Uganda Wildlife Authority’s role toward Uganda’s conservation area is;

 To sustain ecosystem management,

To monitor and carryout research about the conservation area

 It is licensed to promote wildlife use.

To solve problem animal management

 To   improve on community conservation activities and promoting protected areas as tourism destinations.

To provide wildlife resource protection.

How many wild animal species, bird species and primates in Uganda?

Uganda offers around 342 wild animal species, 13 primates species including the great endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzee our closest relatives among others. Uganda’s bird species make up a number of about 1095 bird species recorded.

What are the core values of the governing body;

In spite the fact, Uganda Wildlife Authority upholds a core value in the central to its operations. Its value is to line up with the organizational belief; Culture and tradition norms.

They offer hospitable staff excellent service that satisfies customer’s wants.

The body is good in responsibilities and owning decisions taken in order to achieve the goal, through working as a team work.

Who are ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority

The Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’UWA’’ is Uganda’s government body responsible in management and protection of wildlife’s in and outside protected areas. It is a body which is supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.

How many wildlife reserves are in Uganda?

Uganda boosts with over 12 outstanding wildlife Reserves which includes; Ajai Wildlife Reserve, Pian Upe Wildlife, Bugungu, Bokora Corridor, Kabwoya, Karuma, Katonga, Kigezi, Kyambura Wildlife Reserve among others. They are all under management of government body -Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Role - FAQs
Kidepo National Park

What is the vision of ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority?

The Uganda Wildlife Authority Vision is to advance the welfare and prosperity of the people through educational and research activities, Uganda Wildlife Authority Role – FAQs

Which Ministry is responsible for wildlife in Uganda?

The ministry responsible for wildlife in Uganda is Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities their role is to sustain Uganda’s tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage. Their aim is transform Uganda into a prosperous country.

When did Uganda Wildlife Authority began?

Uganda Wildlife Authority is a beneficial body which began in 2000 and ever since then, it has worked hard in promoting tourism in Uganda as well as working with other organizations which have helped in promoting tourism sector outside the world thus leading to the increase of safari to Uganda destination.

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