Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge is one of a kind from all other lodges that are pursuing some of the area and land of Lake mburo national park. The lodge is permanently located in Lake Mburo national park in the western part of Uganda.

The location of  Mburo safari lodge offers spectacular views of the outstanding features that are found in Lake Mburo park accompanied with extreme comfortable and a very hospitable and friendly staffs who will make you feel at home.

The staff is trained on how to treat visitors and how to handle different types of people in way that is kind, the team also has got a group of well experienced ushers that are met to give you a warm welcome as you parch on the grounds of  Mburo safari lodge, the nature that is found in this lodge always makes you feel as if you are already having a game drive around Lake mburo national park.

Lake Mburo safari lodge is often visited by the animals like elands, impala, zebras, and many more with also different bird species and this will always keep your mind in nature and this bond between you and the wilderness of Lake mburo national park.

Spend a night in Nature and this will be a unique experience that is not so easy to get.

Lake Mburo Safari lodge also offers ten luxurious rooms that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The lodge has one luxurious honeymoon cottage for the couples that are willing to spend their first night in the mysteries of wonders of this wonderful life of Lake Mburo safari lodge in Lake Mburo national park.

The safari lodge has also got two spacious luxury family cottages that has got a raised platforms that has also bedrooms that is suit for a family and making them to be filled with memories to carry back home that will make you totally different from all others that did not step in the grounds of Lake Mburo safari lodge.

The lodge, has also got one of the most comfortable private balconies that provides you with an open eye to the over 360 species of birds that are mostly spotted in the skies that are also covering lake mburo national park and also this safari lodge that is close to it.

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge
Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

The safari lodge has got also private bathrooms with hot and cold water showers but still in some of these cottages they also contain a fully self contained kitchen to suit your safari in Lake Mburo national park. The lodge has also got one of the country’s best kitchens with two dining services which includes serving the best local dishes and also international dishes on a spectacular on site restaurant overlooking of the magnificent features and the wilderness that is found in Lake mburo national park all resulting from the strategic location of the best lodge in Uganda.

The lodge has the most outstanding swimming pools with pure water that is free of any dust and also clear and most of all with clean waters. The pool is an ideal place to relax with a sun downer and watch the incredible sunset that will make you go through the afternoon game drive, but still the kitchen is exponential.

Lake Mburo safari lodge, has a superb bar that offers a wide range of drinks from beers, spirits, soft drinks and also it has got one of the famous wines from all over the globe. All those services are put in place just to make sure that you relax and find some change as you are engaging with pure nature on your safari in Lake mburo national park, on addition to that.

There is also a free WIFI network available in order to keep you posted in what is going on in the world and still providing with your fellows that did not come to the lodge posted about the hidden services of this lodge.

The lodge has two lounge where you can explore the park with an eye sight. There is also a gift shop where u can acquire souvenirs to take back home for remembrance or has sign that you will look at and recall all the lovely memories that you had at Mburo safari lodge and also show to those that never went to this safari lodge how beautiful and wonderful it is from all other lodges that are found within or around lake mburo national park, and its nature that it preserves without causing any harm to the wilderness of lodge in consideration to lake mburo national park, where all the great nature prevails.

The lodge is one of the most popular lodges in and around lake mburo national park that has made its name famous and different in terms of caring for all visitors and their properties, because the lodge is located around lake mburo national park which is unique in all everything that it has and harbour. Also this force as created a big impact to the lodge and this has made Mburo safari lodge to do everything in also a unique way, one should know that the lodge has imposed recycling bins around it’s premises in order to protect and preserve the environment.

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