Africa Safari Packages

African Safari Packages

Africa Safari Packages

African Safari Packages are well prepared and organized tours that suite for your stay in Africa as you have a great experience.

For Africa safari packages we take a look at the best ten of our favorite options, that are particular in our order that is suite to cover as much variety as possible. Some of the national parks in East Africa that will create and impose a great safari on your package include;

Murchison falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda and it is located in the north western part of Uganda. Murchison falls national park boasts an impressive series of waterfalls all the way from the Nile river as its spills into the great lakes of lake Albert below. Visitors coming to the park will experience lush rainforest and river valleys filled with lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hartebeests, chimpanzees and also many birds species that are all found in this great and wonderful national park of Murchison falls national park that is only and only found in Uganda.

Volcanoes national park is located in Rwanda and it is a home to the rare and also majestic mountain gorillas. This park is made up of five active volcanoes that are covered in thick rainforests and also mountain peaks. The park is also a home to golden monkeys, spotted hyena, buffaloes, elephants, black fronted duiker, bushbuck. The park also harbors 178 bird species, 29 of which are only found in this area.

Bwindi impenetrable national park, in Uganda is one of the best places that you should not leave Uganda without visiting. This park is well known for the high number of Mountain gorillas that are inhabiting it. The park has got also other mammals that are found in this park and also bird species.

Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s most popular national parks. Queen Elizabeth national park features a landscape of volcanic cones and craters that forms a series of lakes and rivers. The park is also one of the most famous from all others for it’s great population of tree climbing lions and also their unique lions with black manes that will make your adventures in Africa colorful and totally different.

Ruaha national park is located in Tanzania and it is the well known Tanzania’s largest national park. This park homes East Africa’s biggest elephants population, along with over 500 species of birds and reptiles don’t  inhabit the park, and all the adventure is made wonderful.

Maasai Mara national reserve is located in one of the countries of East Africa and that is Kenya. It is possibly one of the most famous national parks on the earth. Maasai Mara is also a home to some of the largest population of Maasai lions, African leopards and the great Tanzania cheetah.

Simien mountain national park, this is located in Ethiopia and is a few hours of our home base of Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. The  simien mountains are a good home of some of the great and highest peaks in eastern Africa that is accompanied with the huge population of the Golden Monkeys.

Nyungwe forest, is one of the foremost locations to view all manner of primates, and these that are found in its premises include the colobus monkey , chimpanzees and many other, to mention but a few. All of that is found in this unique package that you will only find as you are coming to explore the hard core of Nature that is found in the great lands of Africa.

Some of those that are left behind also includes, the serengti national park, that is also found in Tanzania, which is one of Africa’s famous national park with the largest wildebeest and zebra.

Lake mburo national park that is found in Uganda. Well known for the impalas and many more on the big list of the most amazing safari packages that one has ever seen.

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