6 Days Exciting Wildlife & Gorilla Safari

Gorilla Safari

6 Days Exciting Wildlife & Gorilla Safari

Wildlife & Gorilla Safari Highlights

6 Days Exciting Wildlife & Gorilla Safari is a clear manifestation of Uganda as a unique travel destination with an excellent balance of outstanding natural wonders and worth its nickname as “The Pearl of Africa”.The travelers will wander into less trampled wilderness that extends beyond the eyes can see and full to the brim with exciting things to see.

The travelers will explore the savannas, wood, wetlands and rainforests picking up small beautiful things from the rest. At the end of this tour into Uganda, the adventure travelers truly have great experiences of the beauty of Uganda wilderness first hand.

Safari Activities

  • Queen Elizabeth; Game drive, boat cruise
  • Bwindi; mountain gorilla trek
  • Lake Bunyonyi; boat cruise
  • Lake Mburo; Game drive, boat cruise

Day 1: Travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Your safari guide on tour of Uganda picks you up in the morning. Over a cup of coffee, you pass through your travel schedule into Uganda. You set out shortly, traverse the Victoria basin and the rainforests onto Fort Portal for lunch break.

You resume your travel through the foothills of Ruwenzori Mountains onto the Edward rift. You visit Katwe a lakeside town and tour traditional salt mining works. A sunset game viewing drive is an appropriate way of entering Queen Elizabeth in style.

Day 2: Game drive, boat cruise

You descend onto the bed of the Edward rift and wander into the wilderness. Kasenyi circuit is a major point of call with high concentration of wildlife species in large populations. The gorilla safari guide will pay keen interest and traverse suspected corners to increase chances of making rare wildlife sightings.

The 2-hour afternoon boat cruise coincides with the high temperatures of the day. This is an opportune time to explore the Kazinga channel and discover unique wildlife species.  The evening game viewing drive is a better choice of crowning an exciting game viewing day of tour into Uganda.

Day 3: Travel to Bwindi Impenetrable forests

Nonstop travel from Queen Elizabeth to Bwindi rainforest is average 4-hours drive. But you are on tour of Uganda and takes slightly more time. The travel takes you through the Ishasha wildlife reserve; a shimmering beauty that has all reasons that inspire travelers to make an exploration tour and discover a unique destination.

You will wander into the beautiful plains and traverse the grasslands. Unique prides of lions in Ishasha have a habit of climbing higher into large trees than any other prides elsewhere. You will then set out on 2-hour travel to Bwindi impenetrable forests to explore and discover the uniqueness of a destination abundantly blessed with natural wonders and rich cultural offerings.

Day 4:  Mountain gorilla trekking expedition

Bwindi impenetrable is a Uganda gorilla safari perfect destination for travelers seeking adventure, fun and excitement in quiet corners. Today you traverse the rainforest and wander into the wilderness exploring the real wonders of nature. Your gorilla safari guide escorts you to the gorilla trekking assembly point and the rangers descend you into the rainforest.

The gorilla trekking expeditions depend on weather conditions at the time, selected family trekked, the availability of resources for gorillas and have no definite time of end. You spend an hour with the gorillas and retreat to starting point. You then set out on retreat from the rainforest, travel through steep highlands and sharp corners onto your hotel on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi. Relax, re energize and live your Uganda gorilla safari dreams.

Day 5:  Explore Lake Bunyonyi, travel to Lake Mburo

You explore Lake Bunyonyi on an exciting boat cruise and discover one of the most photographed and gazed at Uganda safari destinations.  The resident guide will feed you in with exciting cultural tales and lifestyle on the islands.

You will set out on a 5-hour travel to Lake Mburo national park to explore a Uganda safari destination overflowing with wildlife in all corners and discover a landscape of imagination. The sunset gave viewing drive is a perfect introduction of your arrival in the Mburo dreamland.

Day 6: Game drive, travel to the airport

An early game viewing safari is a perfect way of sealing the wilderness adventures on tour of Uganda. You wander into the wilderness and traverse the woodlands in search of unique wildlife sightings. The safari guide will take particular interest in suspected corners and discover the beauty of the Mburo wilderness.

You will then set out on 4-hour travel to Kampala. The equator crossing point is a popular spot to break off for lunch, cup of coffee, photo opportunity and observe geographic experiments. Your safari guide will escort to the airport in time for your departure flight.

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