Lake Mburo National Park Giraffes


Lake Mburo National Park Giraffes;

Lake mburo national park, in the previous years has been one of the national parks in Uganda that was facing a great problem of lack of beautiful species and that is not other than but the giraffes.

Due to the high demands that resulted from the tourists flopping in the virgin lands of lake mburo national park and also due to the fact this part of the park was being covered by the rapidly growing acacia trees, that had no hindrance to its growth but above all the good that is flopping on the wonderful lake mburo national park.

Recently it was heard that giraffes will be translocated to Lake mburo national park and these giraffes to be translocation are fifteen in number and this was to take place on June 30 2018. That’s when they will hit the road and come to the land of no worries but joy all day.

Giraffes were brought from Murchison falls national park that is located in the northern part of Uganda to lake mburo national park which is in the western part of Uganda. The whole purpose in doing this was simply ensure survival of these endangered species and the type of giraffes to be brought are unique since also they are to step on the unique lands of lake mburo national park. The great news made people flock to the park and take a look of these giraffes and how they look when they are in the lands of lake mburo national park.

The fifteen Rothschild giraffes that in the park are estimated to be not more than 1600 in the whole world. 700 of these are in captivity around the world but since Uganda is a home of wildlife all we do is to preserve them not putting the wild animals in to captivity because that’s what they deserve. About 800 can be found in the wild with a high population in Uganda.


The rothschild’s giraffes or also known as the giraffe camelopardalis rothschildi, are one the most endangered giraffe subspecies with a record of having a few members in the wild. These great unique nice looking giraffes were named after the tring museum’s founder Walter Rothschild which area also known as baringo giraffe named after lake baringo in Kenya or the Uganda giraffe

This type of giraffe has unique things about it that has made a great outta call to the people in the different parts of the world to come and see what they used to read about in the story’s about this kind of giraffe weather the books a holding the right information about these natural giraffes.

The Rothschild giraffe has got unique things that all other giraffes don’t have or posses, although these type of giraffes are hard to spot but still what is unique about them is the number of ossicones on the head. It is the only subspecies to be born with five ossicones, two of these nice looking ossicones are larger and the more obvious ones are these at the top of the head. These are common to all giraffes, the thirdossiocne can be seen in the center of the giraffe’s forehead. 

Therefore the other two remaining ossicones are found behind the ear,  these type of giraffes are so tall in height making up almost six meters high and these are approximately 20 feels and this has made these giraffes different from the creatures found at lake mburo national park and this showed the managing staff of Lake mburo national park that major cause of some of their problems was mainly the absence of these wonderful giraffes to spice up the nature with their long necks that can see things from far and warn the other types of animals just in case of danger.

Lake mburo national park giraffes also carry unique behavior of mating at any time of the year and due to this,  lake mburo national park’s program is going to be somehow disturbed due to these giraffes not having an organized time of mating. Also these giraffes have got a gestation period of around fourteen to sixteen months and typically giving to birth to only a single calf. The Rothschild giraffes live in herds with males as well as their children not leaving them behind but carry the heart of parentalship but still they leave separately and only mix when they are going to mate.

The males are larger as usual. The male in any society is different from all those female creatures around as they carry a spirit of uniqueness. The male have their two ossicones usually bald from sparring. They usually tend to be darker in colour than those of the female giraffes although this is not a guaranteed gender indicator, but the most important thing about these giraffes the park had received is that the land of lake mburo national park is going to increase because some of it was taken up by shrubs and others but giraffes help to forage a weed, acacia hockii, which has been growing out hand in the recent years.

Always don’t look at what you have and think that’s how your is life gonna be, change always finds even if you try to hide and run away from, your destiny finally has to be filled and in so being the park that was yawning to receive giraffes but now it is blessed with unique giraffes that are not even found in any other park in Uganda, all great things are found in Lake mburo national park.

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