Leopard Rest Camp

Leopard Rest Camp

Leopard Rest Camp

Leopard rest camp is located in Kiruhura district near Mbarara town and a close distance from Lake Mburo national park and this drive takes only two minutes from the common gate of lake mburo national park that paves a big number of people into the park and that is the Nshara entrance.

Leopard camp was established in October 2016 and this was the start, from all other campsites that already existed in Lake Mburo national park. From that date, it has been one of the effective rest camps in Lake Mburo national park.

Leopard rest camp , it’s affordable with the number of services that are provided. The camp is all about bringing you close to nature and lift the banner of nature worldwide since Uganda is known as the pearl of nature in Africa.

Leopard rest camp provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has tents and makes you to have shower under the stars of the universe.

The camp is also good for kids because it has experienced people who know how to handle and treat kids with what they want.

Leopard rest camp, has got also a bar site where one can go and have a cool drink, relax and it is also found in a good environment that can enable a person to cool down.

Leopard rest camp also provides laundry services to all its clients.  The rest camp has a affordable rates, and camping will only be charged per night. The camp has a good location with an overall sight of viewing and also a good place of recreation because of the view that it provides. The camp is accompanied with the wide range of wild animals and these include Elands, Zebras, Antelopes, waterbucks and many more, especially the birds that are normally seen flying in the sky.

The rest camp is solar powered,  everything that is constructed on the camp was made by the management team and from local materials. The camp has a resident master carpenter who makes all furniture that are needed in different rooms. We recycle and compost, all food waste which gets naturally returned to the earth. We also recycle plastic bottles, so one should make sure to toss them in the recycling bins that have implemented  around the premises of leopard rest camp .

The rest camp, has got a big project that is going to be handled this year, and this project is all about vegetation, creating vegetable gardens and also rearing pigs and chickens. And early this year 2019 there is hope to grow most of the fruits and vegetables we serve at the restaurant, as well as produce our own eggs and occasionally even meat.

Leopard rest camp, has the best in store for you because it has got a variety of services that are provided by its clients and create more memories to all clients visiting to lake mburo national park and to the rest camp. Because leopard rest camp has enforced in preserving the environment, this has made it have a unique environment that is mostly desired by different kinds of animals that can not be seen visiting any other rest camp in East Africa and Uganda as well. The rest camp is managed by experienced team hence making it secure and organized for people coming to it although it is a new rest camp in place.

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