Camping in lake mburo 

Camping in Lake Mburo National Park is expressed as the an act of staying in tents, especially when you are on holidays. But due to the well known meaning of camping, Lake mburo national park has also resorted to the addition of this activity in this wonderful grounds and had up a loud call to the camping companies, to come and find a place where they can rest and setup these camping sites.

Camping is one of the activities that are liked in Lake Mburo national and due to the environment of the park, it makes it to be interesting and fun since its organized by the best team and it’s on a unique ground of Lake Mburo national park. 350 species of birds in the sky has made even more interesting and these birds includes the bee-eater, falcons, African finfoot, pelican, heron all that playing put in our camping, mammals, beautiful sceneries and many more.

Lake Mburo National park is a habitat of a number of animal species, bird species, lakes, amazing sceneries and many more.

Lake Mburo national park camping is mainly influenced by the campsites that were set up by Uganda wildlife authority. There are three campsites but the best option is the attractive lakeside camp. This campsite is approximately 1.25 kilometers from the park headquarters.

This campsite is very close to the park headquarters and because of its strategic location, the campsite has made many people to make use of it. Also has the scenic Lake side restaurant where people can have lunch.

Lake Mburo National park campsite and kingfisher campsite 3 are more rustic and mindful of encounters with wildlife in particular hippos at the park we also recommend.

Mantana tented camp is positioned in Lake Mburo national park. This campsite has a nice and clear view of the Lake and makes you refreshed with your eyes bubbled by the great view of hippos and crocodiles on the shores of the lakes, having fun in the pure blue waters of Lake Mburo national. The campsites have got mid range accommodation.

Lake mburo national park camping, is mainly influenced by the presence of marvelous wildlife animals, and some of these animals that are expected to be seen at night and during day time. So during this activity of camping you get a chance to be reviewed on how Nature behaves at night. Examples of the animals included hyenas, impala, zebras these come close to you during the night hours.

The grounds of Lake Mburo national park are also haunted by Rwonyo rest camp, this campsite is operated by Uganda wildlife authority.  Rwonyo rest camp has got a good number of tents to favor the activity of camping in its premises, and again there bands which are cabins.  It has got basic accommodation, but still in Rwonyo rest camp you can experience a tented camp without the added price.

Leopard rest Camp is also one of the popular ones in Lake Mburo national park. It has a good location overall and has a good sight position for watching wildlife in the park in you get to see animals grazing resting and many more.

Lake mburo luxury tented camp  is located inside the park premises its most suitable for the budget. Lake Mburo luxury tented camp has a unique style along with experience in carrying out camping activities and has got a sense of class and it keeps you in nature without you leaving it but having a night in Nature.

Putting aside all the companies that have facilitated this activity to take place in Lake Mburo national park, there is favorable climate that can enable camping to take place effectively without any conveniences  at the park.

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