Rwakobo Rock Lodge

Rwakobo Rock Lodge

Rwakobo Rock Lodge

Rwakobo rock lodge, carries a great meaning of the term lodge. This is because of the services that it offers to its visitors. The lodge is situated just one kilometer from the well known entrances of lake mburo national park, which provide entrance to a great number of people that are coming to the park for their discovery. This gate of lake mburo national park is the Nshara gate. The lodge is situated eight kilometers off the main road that connects Mbarara and Masaka towns.

It’s approximately a three and half hours drive from the capital-Kampala and while accessing the lodge you will see local traditional pastoralists, commonly known as the Bahima of the Ankole tribe who are known for grazing cattle in the Nshara ranch.

Since it is called rock, this meaning is brought out well because this lodge is sitting on a hill with a scenic view over lake mburo national park, and due all that this lodge was also given a nickname of the eco-friendly lodge just because of its great care that it provides to all its clients that are visiting the lodge.

Rwakobo rock lodge, which is also the eco-friendly lodge, offers a peaceful serenity for anyone willing to relax after enjoying the game view experience and make the mind cool down and be able to recall about all that you met and saw in the great jungle of Lake Mburo national park. But still what is interesting about the lodge is that, it has eight cottages, spacious and comfortable enough for your stay in and around Lake Mburo national, park.

Rwakobo rock lodge has a newly built hornbill house and this has got five self-contained rooms that is accompanied with its own en-suite and veranda. It is also considered to be a good place to stay for someone willing to experience the wild life imagination and see all kinds of wildlife animals that he or she had in his or her dreams coming to reality.

What is most shocking about this lodge is that it has got private thatched cottages and these also are well facilitated with solar lights to prevent the cases of darkness covering up the all place, and still what is more shocking to your ears is that these cottages have well maintained flash toilets accompanied with solar heated showers.

Camping is also available and can also be arranged and organized by the strong management of Rwakobo rock lodge. This lodge is close to lake mburo national park hence making one not be late for the activities that are being carried out in lake mburo national park.

Rwakobo rock lodge, offers amazing dining experience at the restaurant which overlooks the water holes that attracts many animals like zebras, impala, bushbacks. All these make your stay at the lodge meaning full, without any troubles. At this place you get an opportunity of observing what is mostly expected to see in the lands of Lake Mburo national park and this will give you an impression of what is still hidden in that park.

You will get to taste local home made food, that has a combination of fresh foods, vegetables, fresh fruits and followed by meat that is all prepared by experienced chefs. The lodge also will provide you with an early breakfast and still prepare you as you are going for your journey of discovery with packed lunch just in case you get hungry and that will try to distract you from you bright way of discovering the wilderness of the park and its environment plus its surroundings.

Rwakobo rock lodge has a facility of Wifi that makes you stay posted about what is going on with in the world as you stay discovering more about nature in the park. It also has charging places still for those that are willing to stay connected to the outside world .

Rwakobo rock lodge, is always the best lodge that is found in Lake mburo national park that has even got friendly costs that are affordable by any visitor coming to Lake Mburo national park, but putting the issues of costs, the lodge has got good record in terms of keeping people and their properties safe from any danger. The lodge being close to lake mburo national park makes it easy for one to simply come to the lodge and go back in the park on time without even missing any bit of nature.

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