Rubanga Forest

Rubanga Forest

Rubanga Forest

Rubanga forest is located in the south western part of Uganda in the smallest park of all Uganda national parks i.e. Lake Mburo National Park with rich diversity covering swamps that are both seasonal and permanent Lakes and five of them are within the parks boundaries.

Forests and Savannah vegetation has made it a habitat to a big number of wildlife and many bird species. It is also the only national park in Uganda where horse riding safaris can be done and just recently night horse riding has been introduced where you can ride off to the bush and have your packed dinner eaten from bus hand and this gives tourists a true opportunity and experience of the African wilderness as they ride through the plains and the rolling hills under the great view of the stars.

Rubanga forest is Uganda’s leading destination for mainly birding safaris in the whole world with the country having over 1000 bird species.

Uganda is believed to have got half of the population of the world’s bird species and this wonderful species of birds, have made the pearl of Africa to really show the meaning of its great name holding and also to be the country that is totally full of natural wonders that everyone would wish to be part of.

Rubanga forest is a birders paradise for bird enthusiasts and also an ideal place for guided nature walks. Birds that can be seen here in Rubanga forest include mainly are the Grey backed Camaroptera, double toothed barbet, coqui francolin, Ross’s turaco, red shouldered cuckoo and shrike, red headed lover bird, black belier, bustard, emerald spotted wood done, bare faced go away bird, green wood hoopoe  Nubian woodpeckers and many more .

There are a number of bird species in this great forest and are found making the skies of this famous forest busy with their unique voices and also beautiful colors that makes this place unique and full of nature that can not be found in other tour destinations in Africa.

Rubanga forest has got unique and wonderful tree species that are commonly seen at the Rubanga forest and some of these that are mostly spotted include mainly the following; fig trees, acacia, palm, markhamia, platycladus and many others species.

During the guided nature walks at Rubanga forest, tourists also get an opportunity to come across animals like the hyenas that are mostly spotted when they are returning to their dens from the long day after hunting at night and also during this walk you will have a great opportunity of also observing the hippopotamus that are really returning to the water after a strong and healthy night grazing.

The chattering of birds in the morning guided nature walks and also still in the evening nature walks, you will get an opportunity to encounter with a lot of zebras and impalas that are only found in this premises of the forest.

Rubanga forest in Lake mburo national park has a big number monkeys that are spotted jumping from one tree to another and very many other animals will be encountered with on this unique walk.

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