Nature Walks

Nature Walks

Nature Walks

Nature Walks: Lake mburo national park is free of predators like lions, this had made the park an open for nature walks. But although it’s open and free, as one enjoys the nature walks activity, Uganda Wildlife Authority who is in charge of management of Lake Mburo national park give ranger guides. At Rwonyo, the guided nature walks will lead you to the salt lick and in this place you will find many animals that are attracted to the salty rocks, and how they enjoy the environment of salty rocks.

Lake Mburo national park nature walks will also take you to different parts of the park. The walks on the western side of this lake usually start at exactly 7:00am and this walk takes 2 hours of being taken up by nature and in the two hours that are given to this activity you get an opportunity to see many wildlife species that are examined habiting the premises of lake mburo national park and these animals include hyenas and at this time you get a chance to see these hyenas as they are returning to their dens as well as hippopotamus coming back to the lake.

The hike will take you through the woodlands and this also grantees you a great opportunity of seeing the forest birds and mammals that are easy to be spotted during this walk of a reason. You also walk to the top of the hills and at the top, this will reward you with a spectacular and clear view of the nine of the regions and the 14 lakes that are found in Lake mburo national park that will improve your sight of viewing.

Lake Mburo national park nature walks, also take you through the Rubanga forest and in this forest, walkers are provided with bird sightings and this might be visited by the prior arrangements and also in company of a ranger. It’s advisable to book all the walks in a advance, because the walks will get you close to what is meant to be close to you, and that is not other than, nature, it’s has been always nature that creates a difference. In this walk one of the animals one should expect to spot are the zebras, impalas, eland, crocodile, hippopotamus, over 350 species of birds, giraffes and many more because the list is too long to finish it all.

Before the hiking you’ll have breakfast in lake mburo national park with Uganda wildlife authority ranger then you will also be given the right clothes and equipments that are needed for the activity to occur smoothly without any problems concerning the people that are willing to take part of the nature walks in lake mburo national park, and in this you also given a packed lunch. The following should be along with you by the day of hiking with Lake Mburo national park and the equipments that will be given include 2 liters of water, a picnic lunch box which you will have as you sit on the ridge with a good view of nature.

Lake mburo national park, has got nature walks that can be taken anywhere in the park with an armed guide of Uganda wildlife authority.  And during these nature walks you are able to come across hyenas that are coming from dens after night of being on the prowl. But still you will also see the hippos that are returning from grazing during the night and these can be returning to the lake mburo national park in order to keep cool during the day and also protects their delicate skins from the super hot sun. In these walks you will also spot zebras, elands, topis, giraffes, antelopes, birds, buffaloes, and also as well as butterflies. You will also take a trill on the top of the hills and view lake mburo national park beyond and also see the nearby regions that are surrounding lake mburo national park.

The nature walks of lake mburo national park are good and interesting, but above all filled with real and pure nature for example the sound of the birds (Bird watching safaris) that are making the skies of lake mburo national park busy and not polluted with the poisonous fumes but filled with eagles, bee-eaters, falcons, pegons, woodpeckers and many more of these that are beautifying the park with a unique site, one is advised to not miss the nature walks because all nature prevails during the walks.

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