Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, is located in the western region of Uganda and not zipped but spanning up districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi and Rukungiri. Queen Elizabeth national park is covering an area of approximately 1978 kilometers squared which is almost 769 square meters.

Queen Elizabeth  park is approximately 400 kilometers by road south west of Kampala. The park is bordered by different districts and these includes Kasese that is just outside the north-eastern edge of the park while Rubirizi is just outside the Park’s southeastern part.

The park, was Gazetted in 1952 as the well known Kazinga national park but it was later named Queen Elizabeth national park, and is governed by the Uganda wildlife authority.

The park is located in the Great Rift Valley between Lakes and these are Lake George and Lake Edward, these lakes harbor all kinds of mammals, birds and many more.

The Eastern rift valley of the park, is all covered up by the green escarpments while the western rift valley is covered by the true African nature which includes the beautiful hills, mountains that you can not find anywhere else but just in Queen Elizabeth national park.

There different routes that can be  taken in order to reach the beautiful lands of Queen Elizabeth national park, and here one can use the fort portal road or via masaka and mbarara hence this has made the park flexible in terms of accessibility not being rushed on only one route but a variety of them .

The western rift valley of Queen Elizabeth national park covers over 2500 square kilometres, and this is encompassing Queen Elizabeth , kyambura wildlife reserve and also kigezi wildlife reserve .

This protected area runs from the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in the north to the ishasha that is bordering in the south, and also falls within the five famous districts of kaborole, kasese, Rubirizi, Rukungiri and also not forgetting kanungu.

Queen Elizabeth national park, is a protected area for a wide variety of habitats ranging from Savannah and wetlands of the forest and due to this case diverse of the ecosystem was created, water is the dominant beautiful landscape that is found in the park and this is covering 250 kilometers of the lakes shores, lake Edward, the famous kazinga channel and lake George.

The ishasha river and also accompanied by a series of crater lakes that are offering a wonderful wildlife viewing for the coming visitors.

The geography of this place is totally unique from all other national parks in Uganda, because it is just characterized and owned by nature. The park has also a big number of mammals inhabiting its grounds since it has a vast landscape.

The park has most of the unique mammal wildlife that can not be found in any other park in Uganda. The park has 95 recorded species and these includes both Savannah and forest species for example elephants, buffalos, hippos, giant forest hog and warthog; 10 primates species including also the chimpanzee, black and white Colobus monkey, baboons, red tailed and vervet monkey, with over 20 predators that includes lions, leopards, spotted hyena and side striped jackal, antelope species for example the Ugandan kob, bush buck, waterbuck, topi. Many of the buffalos found in Queen Elizabeth national park are mostly reddish in color and this is likely to be an interbreed with the Congolese rainforest species.

Since also the park is well known for bird watching, this is being enforced by the presence of 612 Marvelous species of birds. The activity of bird watching in Queen Elizabeth national park started in 1997 in the and the core purpose was to study the migratory birds that are in the park along the Albertine rift valley.

The park also includes Maramagambo forest and still borders the kigezi game reserve, the kyambura game reserve, and the kibale national game reserve.

In 1997, Queen Elizabeth protected area was designated as a biosphere reserve with the ultimate goal of integrating human activities and conservation and also carrying the major aim of protecting wildlife, wetlands, and natural resources.

The area is covered by a number of fishing villages that are enclaving with this protected area.The park has also the wildlife view drive where you get opportunities of seeing different wild animals that are habiting the park for example hippo, elephants ,Ugandan kob and many more, enjoying all that in a sit of the most comfortable car sits.

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The route to the equator gate runs all the way through the crater area and this provides views of the lakes, grassland set deep in to the volcanic crater as well as towards Rwenzori. Ishasha the southern circuit trail is where most of the largest fig trees are found and this also provides the best opportunity of seeing lions. The northern circuit is similar but longer and provides beautiful scenery and wonderful bird watching. Queen Elizabeth national park, its being famous these not come from the name that it carries but all comes from the great unique wildlife species.

Camping is also possible and flights can also be organized at kasese.  The accommodation of Queen Elizabeth national park unique with the following loges Nyamusingiri in Maramagambo forest, Budget, Albertine camp, farmland resort and many more.

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