Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana tented camp, is a camp that is full of luxury that will make you forget about the pathological lies that you have ever had about the campsites that are found in Uganda because this campsite is one of a kind from all other campsites.

Mantana tented camp, is located in Mbarara district and the camp is a splendid mid range accommodation facility that is found within the virgin lands of Lake Mburo national park. This campsite was opened exclusively to offer a great encouragement or luxury and to provide comfort to its guests that are flopping in to its wonderful unique grounds.

Mantana tented camp, offers a blend of comfort and relaxation to quite a wide range of visitors that are coming to its premises or that are willing to have their adventure in the land of whispers and that is not other than lake mburo national park. Due to the unique features and wildlife that is mostly spotted in these great land, and there is a belief that there are more that is not discovered that is habiting the lands of lake mburo national park.

Mantana tented camp, has got approximately nine tents that are all constructed on wooden platforms in order to provide a spectacular view, of the delights and the wonderful nature of Lake Mburo national park.

At Mantana tented camp, you will have an open opportunity of seeing various bird species that are making part of this cam environment of Lake Mburo national park. There other animals that move around Lake mburo national park and take time to come and pay a visit to the campsite of Mantana because of the nature found in its premises and some of these animals that are mostly spotted moving in the premises of the lodge include; warthogs, antelopes, as well as the nice looking impalas, all that is also found in the premises of the camp.

Montana tented camp, you will be able to get a hint of what is found in the park without even going for game drives in Lake Mburo national park but just at the strategic location of Mantana tented camp. This place will keep you close to the nature of the world. You will experience the real wildlife of lake mburo national park just from your pinhole at Mantana tented camp.

The staff of Mantana tented camp are warm and friendly and will always be willing to assist you in accordance with your preferences and also other things that will try to hinder your joy at the park.

Mantana Tented Camp
Mantana Tented Camp

This campsite has also got tents and the unique features about them is that these tents are built on a man made veranda and this veranda is elevated on a wooden platforms. This is s certain guarantee to provide safety from animals that are mostly seen moving around the campsite premises. The tents that are found in the camp are all filled with inside showers that are also having cold and hot water. They are also filled with super cool bathrooms and flash toilets. To improve the environment and prevent it from harm. Coziness is what one should expect to receive at Mantana tented camp lodge.

The tents have unique facilities that will leave the place with great memories to tell others. Each tent has two beds plus a mosquito net to totally prevent sickness on your safari to lake mburo national park. There is also a solar power source, and this can help you to charge your phone or battery and also not go off the network and feed with news as you discovering nature of the park.

The tents posses a veranda where one can enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Mburo national park and its surroundings as well. Mantana tented camp has a good restaurant that is different from all other restaurants with professional and well experienced chefs, and this restaurant will provide you with good local and international dishes and as you are enjoying views of various animals moving about the vicinity, all that making your mind refreshed and get ready for the another day of discovery in the park, putting you on the right side of nature.

Montana tented camp offers delicious meals, and it serves local plus international cuisines. Dinner tables are elegantly set and there are lanterns that light up the area hence making it free from darkness that may tend to make the visitors be afraid of the camp and also forming a very romantic setting and a favorable environment for people and nature to habit the premises of the campsite of Mantana tented camp.

The path from the tented camp to their restaurant is also lit up with lanterns every night in order to make you have great time at the restaurant without any worries as you going back to your place of rest. The camp has good ushers that will direct you on which way to go as your in the grounds of the campsite. It has also got a good laundry team that is in charge of taking care of your clothes as you have your wonderful stay at the campsite. Mantana tented camp is the best campsite that will make you comfortable as you keep on exploring the nature of lake mburo national park and be filled with memories.

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