Map Of Lake Mburo National Park

Map of Lake Mburo

Map Of Lake Mburo National Park

Map of Lake mburo national park says that its location is in the western part of Uganda. The same Map of Lake Mburo National Park shows us that it is situated very close to the capital city of Uganda although still navigations were carried out and it was found out that the park is very small compared to all other national parks in Uganda.

Lake Mburo national was originally Gazetted and also in 1933, was a controlled hunting area but after all that, it was upgraded to a game reserve in 1963. But it didn’t end that only that, still the banyankole, bahima, residents continued to graze their cattle in the reserve all until when it was upgraded to a national park status in 1983, and now it has caused a great impact on wildlife in Uganda by making many people to organise tours. To put that aside allow me now to review to a wordy map that will provide to you the real information that is concerning at the whispers of the land as lake mburo national park’s .

From the map of Lake Mburo national park, it is located in the famous district of Mbarara and it’s also conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda, this has given  Lake mburo national park to be highly accessible due to its being close to the capital city of Uganda and that is Kampala.

 Lake mburo national park, is surrounded by over ten communities that are strongly bordering the park. In its north it’s being bordered by kyankoko, and in its north east by Lyantonde and while in its East there is also Lwamugwa, an addition to that. In its south east there is also Lugaga, and kibwera in its south. We also find the great and rapidly growing districts of mbarara in the eastern directions of lake mburo national park, all that when combined together can create a clear image of how the map of lake mburo national park looks.

In addition to the above information and in order to create a better image of how the looks and how the map of lake mburo national park is appearing in real sense, it is also covering an area of 260 square kilometers which are approximately small according to the area that is being covered by other national parks in Uganda. Lake mburo national park is 240 kilometers from the mighty capital city of Uganda known as Kampala. But still lake mburo national park has the following coordinates 0036S, 3057E, or these can be still given as 00^o37’40’’S30^o58’00’’E / 0.62778^oS30.9667^oE. Lake Mburo national park got the following latitudes and longitudes respectively: 0.6000 and 30.9500.

All that are reviewed in the map of Lake Mburo national park. It also takes a few minutes to reach to mbarara from Lake Mburo national park.

Lake mburo national park, is being surrounded by the great and unique water system that can be found in any other national park in Uganda expect the smallest national park that has got a variety for you to discover as you are in its premises.

Lake Mburo national park, is surrounded by 14 lakes that are pure with natural blue waters, five of these great 14 lakes are found in the boundaries of Lake Mburo national park with the biggest lake as Lake Mburo.  Still on that Lake Mburo national park has got a reference number of 1634.

Lake mburo national park is divided into two parts and those are the eastern part and the western part, the eastern part covers almost 20 percent of the park area and in this part there are long lakes and creeks with patches of papyrus and riparian shrubs that are seen a lining on the sides of the open waters. The western part of Lake mburo national park, Savannah is interspersed with rocky ridges and forested gorges and also narrow bands of lush riparian woodland a line on many lakes, and all these great forces when combined bring out the unique and wonderful map of lake mburo national park that is not even copied from any other parks in Uganda but being created and drawn by the nature that is dwelling in these promising lands of lake mburo national park.

Lake mburo national, park has got only two gates that one can use to pave his way to the land that is full of everlasting life and a land that is filled with pure nature only and these gates include the Sanga and Nshara. The Sanga gate can be accessed through the Sanga trading center and this gate is only 12 kilometers from Kampala while the Nshara gate is 30 kilometers from Kampala but still all these gates are 2 kilometers from rwonyo where the headquarters of lake mburo national park are located. The map of lake mburo national park will simply show you what the area is suspected to be looking in terms of its geographical location and also its neighboring districts. Follow the map and you will be part of this famous nature of lake mburo national park that is mostly desired for by different types of people that are in different locations and directions.

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