Rwonyo Rest Camp

Rwonyo Rest Camp

Rwonyo Rest Camp

Rwonyo rest camp is located in Lake Mburo national park that is found in a district of Mbarara not forgetting that this district has a good record and is known for having a rapidly growing economic system.

Lake mburo national park is very close to the capital city of Uganda known as Kampala and due to this the accessibility of Rwonyo rest camp to be on a higher level than any other campsite in the area of lake mburo national park.

Rwonyo rest camp, is situated near one of the entrances of lake mburo national park and this entrance is known as the Nshara gate. This gate is just 30 kilometers and is well measured by putting Kampala as the starting point of this all.

The gate is approximately 2 kilometers, from the headquarters of Lake Mburo national park and this will only take a few minutes to reach lake mburo national park hence making the entrance more accessible by all people coming to lake mburo national park.

Rwonyo rest camp is an authorized campsite and it has got a big team behind it that is in charge of managing it and due to that the rest camp is managed by Uganda wildlife authority.

Rwonyo rest camp was not constructed using any modern material. The managing board of Rwonyo rest camp saw that this camp was in the premises of a unique ground that is filled with nature all over and hence they came to conclusion of also making this rest camp different from all other campsites that are found in. They decided to construct the camp using only local materials, and an example of these materials that were used include, the thatched grass, the woods which deploy the real image of a true African adventure and art that exists, and can only be found in only one part of Africa and that is the pearl of Africa which is the mighty country of Uganda.

This rest camp, being constructed from local materials, has attracted many wild animals to come around  camp and this gives visitors a great opportunity of viewing all different kinds of wild animals without even going for a game drive in lake mburo national park.

Rwonyo rest camp has got bandas and these are built inform of wooden hats and also putting in mind that these bandas have got shared showers and still what makes the rest camp different from others, is that the tented rooms are also built on an elevated wooden platforms and still what is interesting about these tents is that they have private showers.

The Rwonyo rest camp tents offer great comfort and makes them to be more expensive compared to the bandas. The bandas are very comfortable with shared showers and also with tented rooms that are self contained.

The rocky pool is the best place to relax with a San downer in the evening and also with a clear sight that is made busy by a wide range of wild animals, still all that accompanied by the excellent pure view of the sunset, filled with different behaviors of how nature turns up to respond when the sun.

Rwonyo rest camp, offers striking views of Lake Mburo national park accompanied with often visits of wild animals and the common animals that are spotted making these great visits to the rest camp, includes the impala, warthogs, and many more because their list is too long to accomplish.

The rock offers mouth watering meals from an on site restaurant. This restaurant has all the best meals that are both important to your body and also to your test, and all these meals are organized by profession chiefs that know what is best for the body system that will keep it away from the attack of strange diseases that may attack the body through food poisoning resulting from having bad meals for the body. This restaurant is being managed by a strong team of the staff that your visit to lake mburo national park and Rwonyo rest camp memorable from all other places that you have ever attended to.

The rest camp has specific time of checking in and out all that was done to improve on its services that it provides to its clients that are visiting the place. The check in time at the lodge is by 12:00pm, and check out time is 10:00 am. An identity card might be required and also the maximum age of kids staying for free of charge in Rwonyo rest camp is implicated as two years and above that age. That one at Rwonyo rest camp is not a kid and has to pay for a stay at rest camp. In Rwonyo rest camp you will be given space where you will pitch your own tent, and for those that want to hire tents, they can get them from many companies together with other camping facilities. Rwonyo rest camp is the best campsite that will bring you closer to nature because it’s found in the premises of nature itself and it also takes part of these great virgin lands of lake mburo national park. It is also an ideal place that is good for budget traveler. Come let’s camp at Rwonyo rest camp that has got the most affordable prices.

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