Masaka District

Masaka District

Masaka District

Masaka district is a district that is found in the central Region of Uganda that is filled with fermate of the unique wildlife species, that made it pearl of Africa.

Masaka district has got its main town in Masaka, whose estimated population in 2011 was found out to be 74100.

Masaka district is also bordered by Bukomansimbi district and this is in the north west direction of Masaka and also in its Eastern direction it is being bordered by Kalangala district and this still covers the southern part of Masaka district, Rakai district is also found in South western part of Masaka district and Lwengo district to the west.

The big town of Masaka, is where the district headquarters are located and found, and is approximately 140 kilometers south-west of Kampala using the Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara highway.

The distance between Masaka to lake mburo national park is short and it’s approximately 120 kilometers and this has made the district to be a good stop over as you are getting ready to become part of the great nature that is found in Lake mburo national park. On your way to lake mburo national park from Masaka you can have a great experience of the  banana plantations that will minister you to the staple food and nature of Uganda .

masaka district

This distance to Lake Mburo national park will bring you closer to many physical features such as the great landscapes, hills, valleys, vegetations and many more.

Masaka district and its distance to Lake Mburo national park, the equator is one of the unique place that you will interact with, since this place is considered as the center of the earth, you will have a great experiences in this place, as you come closer to the nature of the all world.

The equator is one of the known landmarks in Uganda and here you will have the great experiences of the experiment of water draining and also experience a decrease in the weight since the gravitational pull is not that much in this place.

And also this district will bring you to the best places such as, sand beach Nabugabo, which is located about 24 kilometers from the great Masaka town, and is found at the shores of lake Victoria. It is popular for the annual canoeing competition, and again it is also popular for the well known motor rallying events, fishing and even camping. Other activities like beach volleyball and beach football are found in this place and it is the best place for family tours. Bird watching is also one of the activities that were recently launched in the premises of Nabugabo and this is carried out on the shores of the lake or around the beach since it has a wide range of bird species in its premises.

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