Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park; Lake Mburo national park is situated near Mbarara town in Kiruhura district, hence making Lake mburo national park close to the capital city of Uganda-Kampala.

Lake mburo national park is a very special place and every part of the park has a variety of wilderness and nature altogether. The park is filled with all types of attractions and of which some of these attractions can not be found or got in any other national park in Uganda but only in the land of whispers.

The attractive 158 square miles of acacia-dotted Savannah of oleo and Boscia is a home to over 68 mammal species that are habiting the grounds of Lake Mburo national park.

Lake Mburo national park contains an extensive area of wetland and this also harbors several species if mammals that can not be found anywhere else in all national parks of Uganda and these include the zebra, unique impalas and many more.

The 315 bird species that are making the skies of Lake Mburo national park colorful with pure natural colour and some of these birds includes the rare shoebill stork , African finfoot  and many of all these just whispering in the skies.

Lake Mburo national park has a variety of mosaic of habitats and landscapes, forests, rich acacia tree valleys, grasslands, seasonal and also permanent swamps but still Lake Mburo national park is covering an area of 370 square kilometers and due to that area it is considered as the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks.

The main Lake in the park is Lake Mburo , here on this great lake you get an opportunity to see many hippopotamus wallowing in the water and also this is accompanied by the large crocodiles lurking on the shores. Birds include the cormorant, fish eagles, pelican, heron and many more.

Lake Mburo national park, being located in mbarara district, also Mburo safari lodge is strategically located for all the attractions in the south western Uganda and it’s just a 20 minutes drive from the either gates of Mburo safari lodge.

 Lake Mburo national park has got a variety of these attractions and some of these attractions are not animals but also the activities that are held in Lake Mburo national park, but at first to unveil the case of wild animals and making it clear to you as well list below.

Mammals attractions

Lake Mburo national park has got more than 68 mammals that are spotted habiting the grounds of Lake Mburo national park and these animals include the great zebras, impala, topi, eland, bush buck, buffalo, warthogs, leopard, hyenas, and jackal that are balancing the nature that is found in Lake Mburo national park.

Although Lake Mburo national park has got a variety, still an investigation was made and the results showed that Lake Mburo national park is lucking some species of animals and in this. Lake Mburo national park does not have elephants and lions and this has made lake mburo national park and ideal place for the nature walking safaris to take place effectively.

Lake Mburo national park is also the best place in Uganda to see the leopards, especially during the night drive because all these shy animals get an advantage to expose themselves during the night hours. Instead of the day times.

Lake mburo national park, has more than 315 different species of birds including the rare shoebill stork,  papyrus yellow warblers  African finfoot, saddle billed stork, brown crested wattled plover, Carruthers Coat cola, tabora cist cola great snip, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagles, and white winged warbler and all facilitated by the woody vegetation of lake mburo national park which is still dominated by the acacia species, oleo species and the great Boscia species,  there also the wonderful fringing swamps in lake mburo national park that also hide secretive papyrus specialists such as the red,  black and yellow papyrus gonolek.

You would not want to miss all this flaming action that is taking place in Lake Mburo national park because of the different habitats the are on the lake shores of these lakes.

Lake Mburo national park, has also got activities that are carried out in the park that are not carried out in other national parks in Uganda and due to that these activities have attracted a big multitude of people to go to lake mburo national park.


These are the unique activities that are tending to attract many people to Lake Mburo national park, as they are well listed below

  • Safari and game drives
  • Night safari which is also a game drive and during this game drive there are high chances of seeing leopards and many other animals that are found in lake mburo national park.
  • Walking safaris to bring you close to wild animals of lake mburo national park and nature of this park.
  • Boat trip on Lake Mburo. The boat is very good platform to see all the type of bird species, crocodiles, and hippopotamus.
  • Birding in Lake Mburo national park, during this safari drive you will have an opportunity of taking exceptional photographs at the fascinating creatures that are living in Lake Mburo national park.
  • On your safari to Lake mburo national park you should  not miss out to enjoy good nature walk of the mosaic habitat, dry hillsides, rocky out crops, bushes, thickets, open and wooded Savannah, forests, lakes and swamps the big diversity of plants and animals from lake mburo national park.
  • Horse riding, is also one of the most popular activity that has attracted a big number of people to lake mburo national park. This is because this activity is being enforced by the good breeds, of horses and during this you get close to nature of lake mburo national park without any noise of the engine but instead the sound of nature that is found in the park.
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