1 Day Lake Mburo Safari

1 day lake mburo safari

1 Day Lake Mburo Safari

1 Day Lake Mburo Safari; Lake Mburo national park is located in the in Kiruhura district and near Mbarara District. Lake Mburo national park is the smallest park of all Uganda Savannah national parks. The park is covering an area of approximately 260 square kilometers with an official name of Lake Mburo-Nakivali wetland system. The park has 68 mammal species and over 350 species of birds. It was Gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and upgraded to a game reserve in 1963.

This 1 day lake mburo safari will usher you into Uganda’s smallest Savannah park that is seen stretching on 370 square kilometers and still again this little Savannah park offers the best in terms of wildlife including the rare antelope species for example the eland and impala accompanied with a bonus viewing of the beautiful prints that is the zebra.

Being in lake mburo national park can create for you some of the best memories in the African wilderness without even exhaustion of a long haul journey.

Highlights Of the 1 day Lake Mburo Safari

  • Game drive in lake mburo national park
  • Boat cruise on lake mburo
  • Service of English speaking drive or guide
  • Travel in customized 4WD safari vehicle
  • Uganda equator experience
  • Hotel/airport transfer


The 1 day lake mburo safari starts from the known capital city of Uganda which is known as Kampala. You will be picked up by your safari guide or driver from your tour operator after you having your heavy breakfast that will handle the mighty journey to Lake Mburo national park. The journey starts very early in the morning in order to beat the early morning traffic jam that may make you delay to arrive to the park in time for your great time with nature that is found in Lake mburo national park.

You will be briefed about what you are going to interact with in Lake Mburo national park by the unique stop overs that will be made by your guide or professional driver. One of these stop over includes ,the one at the Ugandan Equator and at this place you get an opportunity to know more about the equator and have a great experience with unique environment and climate of this place.  But also still at the Ugandan equator you can get some coffee and also be apart of the original African coffee and let it be one of your best memories to carry back to your home people .

You will take photographs that are more taken up by the nature of the great Uganda equator without even any filters but nature taking the lead of them. And still at this stop over you can buy some souvenirs if and only if you are interested from the crafts shops around.

You will also stop over at a place where the great buganda drum makers are found, and here you will be shown how to make drums and still here you get a chance to be welcomed to Lake Mburo national park by the locals and get a chance to have a talk with the people of this area.

Because of time we continue to Lake Mburo national park before it gets too late for our great experience with nature of the unique grounds the park. This all great, interesting and wonderful journey takes about three and a half hours to arrive to lake mburo national park from the mighty capital city of Uganda and that is Kampala.

On your arrival to lake mburo national park, you will receive a great welcome by our well trained guides and be briefed about lake mburo national park and the activities and in which time duration are they going to be carried out. After this great briefing by our trained team, you will go and have lunch .

After lunch, you be there and then be set out for one of the most popular activity in Lake Mburo national park but unique in the way it is carried out, and this is the exciting boat cruise on Lake Mburo. During the boat cruise , you get an opportunity of seeing aquatic birds and hippopotamus together with the African crocodile all habiting the waters of lake mburo. Still here you are able to have a clear view of over 350 species of birds that are found in lake mburo national park.

After this cruising on the great of lake mburo, you return and get ready to end the day with an adventurous evening game drive and this gives a good opportunity to see lots of antelopes, zebras, warthogs, giraffes, and many more if at all you are lucky. After your day’s adventure, exit the park, heading straight to Kampala to be dropped off at your hotel or at the airport for your night flight.

Things to Bring on this Safari

  • Rain jacket is essential as it could unpredictably rain
  • Light clothes as the sun does shine pretty bright in this part
  • A good  insect repellent to keep those persistent insect away
  • A good zooming lens camera for photos.

This 1 day lake mburo safari will bring you to nature.

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