Arcadia Lodge

Arcadia Lodge

Arcadia Lodge

Arcadia lodge is located in Mbarara district near by Lake Mburo national park. Arcadia lodge is just only two kilometers from Lake mburo national park headquarters at Rwonyo and this takes a few minutes to arrive to this unique Arcadia lodge.

Arcadia lodge is an ideal base from which to explore Lake Mburo national park and all the great wildlife that are inhabiting the grounds of Lake Mburo national park, making it more interesting staying in the lodge.

The lodge has got a gorgeous view that is accompanied by the wide range of wild animals, that can easily be seen even before taken for a game drive in Lake Mburo national park, at this lodge you get a chance of seeing what nature holds in Lake Mburo national park .

Wildlife expected to be seen   at Arcadia lodge includes Zebras, Elands, Kobs and many more, while staying at Arcadia lodge you will have a chance to enjoy a  launch /boat cruise where you get close to nature in Lake mburo national park, followed by a guided walking safari.

Arcadia lodge has got the best eight self contained cottages, and all of these cottages that are arranged around a central lodge building to ensure centralization and make sure that all clients receive memorable visit at the lodge at Lake Mburo national park by having comfortable rest in the best accommodation.

Arcadia lodge has got good restaurants that are on a higher level and at this restaurant, the guests can enjoy the tasty local and international dishes, relax and take in the stunning view of our newly built raised deck.

During the evening times at Arcadia lodge, guests can also wind down from an exciting day’s safari, that is carried out around our open fire camp and wonderful bars that area found in the premises of Arcadia lodge. This lodge experiences great visits from the unique wild animals of lake mburo national park and these include impalas, warthogs and also the occasional hippopotamus that are seen munching on the grass just a few yards away from Arcadia lodge.

Arcadia lodge, offers comfortable and friendly options for travelers visiting Lake Mburo national park, at an affordable and friendly price and this lodge will keep you safe and also your property as you are enjoying the wonderful adventure in fabulous lands of Lake Mburo national park, without any panic concerning where your property is and where you will stay after the tours of the day that you will have in Lake Mburo national park.

Arcadia lodge has got many sectors to make all its services affordable and accessible to all people, but also one should know and keep in mind that the Arcadia cottages are also part of the great Arcadia lodge companies and these cottages operate many of the accommodation services in Uganda.

Arcadia cottage is set in a very peaceful and a relaxed environment in Lake Mburo national park close to shores of the lake, that can be good for one to have a peaceful stay.

The cottages, also have good offers and in this it offers mid range of facilities. The cottage is also composed of eight chalets that range around the central lodge building, that has a restaurant and a great bar with an open fire accompanied with a great views. The rooms of the Arcadia cottages are well designed as double cottage that have double beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Arcadia cottages, has also got family cottages that are well facilitated with all things that are needed by the family and some of these things that can be found in these cottages includes, private shower, a master bedroom and other rooms for the children just in case you have them but above all these cottages area very near lake mburo national park and have a great and clear view of lake mburo national park and all the animals that are seen inhabiting the premises of the whispers of the land of lake mburo national, these cottages have also got television to settle your mind down from the troubles of the day.

Arcadia lodge has a well organized team that is specifically trained to give you a great hospitality and give you great memories that you will even tell to your grandchildren’s on how you were treated has you stepped and made a decision of using Arcadia lodge for your accommodations has you were still discovering the nature in Lake mburo national park , campsites fires are also lit up to relax your mind with a sip of juice that is got and made by the most experienced chiefs of our restaurant.

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